Friday, December 7, 2018

One Foot in Atlantis

One Foot Planted Firmly on the Ground...And One Foot in Atlantis

This quest is emerging as my primary soul purpose in the latter part of my own life.

What does it mean to have one foot in Atlantis?

Atlantis is a metaphor for a civilization that has matured and shifted to a higher energetic level. I believe that the legends are true, and a literal Atlantis did exist before it was destroyed 10,000 or more years ago.

Atlantis was not perfect. Living at a higher energetic level allows for many wonderful advancements and accomplishments, but the more powerful states of existence are vulnerable to abuse by the residual Jungian "shadow" part of our minds.

Atlantis was an experiment, and it succeeded on many levels, but ultimately failed.

Quite likely, the cycle has repeated before. Civilizations rise and fall. Ours is not the only one to have achieved moderate technical advancement, and ours is still quite void of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The imbalance between technical ability and spiritual wisdom threatens to destroy us.

According researchers such as Dolores Cannon, the spiritual masters in charge of our part of the cosmos have decided to attempt an intervention that could prevent our premature self-destruction. Many call this intervention "The Shift".

Much could be written and expounded on regarding the expected impacts of The Shift on society and government. My treatment of it focuses on the personal level.

The premise goes something like this:

Souls incarnate into physical bodies for a variety of reasons, but primarily to experience things and to learn certain lessons that are generally unavailable in the higher dimensional state from whence we come. This adventure is usually carried out without much awareness by our conscious ego-based minds. Without ever realizing why we are here, most of us achieve our soul's purpose and learn our lessons, and then return to spirit. Once we review and process the physical experience, our souls are ready to incarnate again, to repeat the lessons we have failed, or to take on new ones. This model has operated for many thousands of years.

Suffering has been a constant companion for those souls brave enough to chart a journey on Earth. Some suffering can be part of the soul's planned experience, but much is due to our ignorance and obstinate intransigence toward working our soul's program or learning out lessons.

As reported by NDE experiencers, suffering is replaced by bliss as soon as the soul arrives back in its home domain. This shows that suffering is not a normal state of existence, except when cut off from our innate knowledge and power. Intuitively sensing this, many try to "check out" early, either directly via suicide, or indirectly through a prolonged period of poor self care.

The new thought is, why wait until death to experience bliss and a heavenly state of love and need fulfillment. Perhaps the new paradigm is to start bringing more of Heaven to Earth.

In my previous essays on The Fully Actualized Life, the possibility was raised of streaming in enough divine power and love to dramatically change our circumstances on Earth. This is what it's all about.

Also, I had previously noted that this is not meant to be "The Secret" on steroids. Narrow focus on "prosperity" (however that may be defined) is not the topic at hand. What we are talking about here is taking into account all of the lessons and agenda that the soul brought into incarnation, but infusing enough power and knowledge to push back the perceived boundary of limitations as held by the ego mind. Most suffering and deterioration of health are unnecessary, so we can discard them. This can only aid the soul in achieving its purpose. We are not talking about trying to live forever or banishing all problems, but as long as we are here, we are determined to live fully with a robust life force.

In subsequent articles, I will outline the beginnings of a methodical protocol. There are several preliminary steps that must be taken. This involves a full review of our soul's contract and lessons for this life, and a self inventory that reveals the cause of most of our problems. Nothing happens without cause and reason. Life seems mysterious only when we lack the knowledge and tools for understanding it.

In essence, the material universe is but a construction of vibrating energy. Nothing is fixed or truly solid, thus anything can be changed. And it turns out that someone is already directing our physical existence by manipulating the energy that defines our form and substance. That someone would be ourselves, on a subconscious level. Most methods of self-improvement are based on somehow implanting new thought into the subconscious mind, or releasing unwanted negative thought. One Foot In Atlantis is about taking that to a higher, more comprehensive level. It's about becoming who we really are. It's about seeing how far back we can push the limitations. It's about asking the soul what it really wants, and then stepping back and letting it do its thing.

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