Sunday, March 22, 2020


Mystics have been talking about the "shift" and ascension to a higher dimensional vibration for many years. The topic was popular during the 80's and 90's as we neared the millennial marker, and then really took off as we closed in on the supposed end-date of 2012.

2012 came and went without any fireworks, and some assumed it was all hype. Mystics that are sensitive to energy knew differently. First wave lightworkers, such as Denise Le Fay, wrote extensively about the various phases and levels of shifting that she experienced.

Hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon gathered a great deal of information about the plan to migrate Earth from 3D to 5D. She was told that Earth is destined to split into two paths, with a 3D version continuing on for the sake of the souls that are not ready to make the shift. Dolores agonized over the mechanics of how that could happen - would a sizable chunk of the population suddenly notice that many have vanished?

We are about to discover exactly how the mechanism works, for it appears we are in the midst of it now.

Personally, I feel that we won't be seeing anything as dramatic as large groups disappearing, at least not for a while. The fact is, 5D reality has been slowly taking form for several years, as sensitives are well aware.

The dramatic thing we are starting to see now is the collapse of the 3D energy grid, beginning almost like clockwork as Saturn and Pluto did their thing in Capricorn on January 12. The covid-19 virus pandemic is being employed as a trigger.

I won't pontificate at length on the energetic aspects of the virus; there will be time to analyze that in retrospect. I do suspect that the immediate crisis will begin to peak and ease sooner than official projections, but that's not the primary topic here.

What we need to discuss is the collapse of 3D energy grids that is being triggered by the virus. Even more importantly, we need to wrap our heads around the concept of the 5D reality that is emerging.

No matter how you slice it, life will never be the same as it was prior to January 2020. The effort to contain the virus also nuked the economy. Millions of jobs are virtually disappearing in a quick flash.

Our country has endured recessions and depressions, and recovered. The oncoming depression will sorely test the government's ability to meet the needs of the population.

It's a very grim and sad scenario, but it's important to remember that our system has become extremely corrupt. We have been experiencing "runaway inequality" that some economists foresaw as a surefire prescription for a crash and depression at some point. Being the epitome of decaying 3D reality, our political and economic structures have been ripe for replacement for a long time. It sure didn't take a simple virus long to begin the tear-down process.

So what does the future hold? I'm not making predictions, only stating that anyone who is spiritual and sensitive enough to perceive these things needs to start focusing on the creative 5D process. A new political and economic system is going to be birthed at some point, starting now.

How soon until we can see it with our eyes? What will it look like? This is what I am trying to wrap my head around.

I've been asking my own guides what 5D means, and was surprised to learn something new: 5D reality has been popping up in my own personal reality for around 10 years. My wife and I have come to accept strange things 
as routine, events that defy classical physics. Powerful magic seems to exist within several of our pets. I've written about some of these things, but never connected the dots before as to what it means.

It may take a long time to build a new, equitable economy, so I wonder how we are supposed to survive in the meantime if the economy totally craters. The answer appears to consist of several things; If enough people respond to the incredible positive energy sweeping in, we will start sharing and taking care of each other. As the central government becomes broken and obsolete, decentralized power structures will appear that are geared toward helping each other. Also, as I have seen in my own personal reality, physical resources can spontaneously appear when needed.

It's not so scary if we keep our focus on the wonderful energies pouring in. On April 3, Venus conjoins with Alcyone in the Pleiades cluster. This could open a portal to even more bountiful energies. There is a lot to be excited about.


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Operation "Eliminate Fear"

When the reality began to sink in as to the gravity of the virus crisis, I'll admit to having my share of fear and panic. The thought of civilization breaking down into something unrecognizable flirted with me. As one that believes firmly that we all have profound purpose for being here, I found myself wondering how it could fit into anyone's life plan to face the dual threat of illness and economic collapse.

Then I was struck with the realization that fear was by far the biggest problem associated with this crisis. Fear is the force that strips store shelves of essentials, and it may have even caused the government to overreact in dealing with the virus.

In one moment, I decided that I had to find a way of eliminating my own fear, and not through playing mind games based on denial. As a spiritual person, I expect that the ascended guides and masters that watch over us are aware of the problems we are facing. We are not alone in our struggles.

I also don't find a general blind faith that "everything will work out" to be adequate. I decided that my approach would be to shift my focus from my ego mind to my Higher Self (soul) and try to obtain maximum information and guidance from spirit.

Fear is the natural result when the ego mind feels overwhelmed with problems that it feels powerless to deal with. The ego does a fine job of dealing with daily details and organizing our lives, and for that I am grateful. However, dealing with pandemics is not part of the skill set that most humans are born with.

I made the following assumptions: My Higher Self is a powerful being, connected to Source. My Higher Self was probably aware of the likelihood of a crisis occurring like the present one. My Higher Self is anticipating the unfolding Shift and stands ready to navigate through these turbulent waters.

There is the strong possibility that the virus crisis is actually part of the Shift, in the sense that the old 3D energy grid structure is decaying and needs to be replaced at some point with the new 5D grids. The virus itself could be the result of an underlying thought form, which personifies the collective fear that needs to be purged from humanity.

The part that really matters is the fact that intense, positive energy is streaming to earth right now in at least equal measure to the fear and chaos. While there are no guarantees that enlightened people can wave their collective magic wands and make the virus disappear, the fact is that something new and wonderful and positive is being built in our very midst.

I made the firm intention to replace all thoughts of fear with a sense of wonderment and adventure. There are many tools at our disposal to hear from Spirit, and by aligning our vibrations with the new energies, we stand an excellent chance of surviving and even thriving.

The virus essentially asks of us to make a choice of whether to align with the chaotic fear energy, or the higher consciousness that is streaming in. This isn't cover your eyes and plug your ears denial; it is only prudent to take whatever protective measures that you can. Focusing on worst case scenarios rather than optimistic outcomes does nothing to improve your safety, and may actually weaken your immune system.

On April 3rd, Venus conjoins with Alcyone in the Pleiades cluster. Mystics sense this is a very beneficent alignment, portending an even greater outpouring of positive energy. This could well mark the turning point of the pandemic, and chances seem reasonable that all the quarantines and lockdowns will have the intended effect of reducing the infection rate.

What lies beyond? The world economy has suffered the equivalent of a nuclear strike. Life will probably not be the same again, but perhaps that's a good thing. Greed and corruption have been a pandemic of their own, and it was only a matter of time before something triggered a reset.

Once I began this new train of thought, I felt immediately bathed with love and reassurance from above. It felt quite energizing, and I'm able to digest the daily news with much more detachment. As a veteran worry-wart, this is really an amazing development to behold.

If enough people respond to the new energies streaming in, we could reach a critical mass where positive changes begin to take hold. It's an exciting time to be alive.


Sunday, March 8, 2020

One Foot In Atlantis - How The New Reality Works

One Foot Planted Firmly on the Ground...And One Foot in Atlantis

In the world as we have known it, most live out their lives and die without ever knowing why they were here.

Religions have arisen to attempt an explanation of life and to try giving it some meaning. While a few contemplative seers sometimes developed insight into the underlying reality, for the most part it has been the blind leading the blind.

Secular Humanism has made a valiant attempt to develop a philosophy of life that contains meaning and encourages humans to reach their highest potential. The Age of Enlightenment featured the best and brightest minds contributing to art, culture, science, and government. It has been a remarkable achievement, considering the depths of the preceding Dark Ages, and considering that the extent of human existence was thought to be limited to 5-sense physical reality.

Our civilization is not the first. Others have risen and fallen, leaving very little trace. The unfortunate fact appears to be that each civilization reached an apex and then declined until a "reset" was needed.

In trailblazing hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon's "Convoluted Universe" series, she includes a session with a client that recalled under hypnosis his role as a celestial being whose job it is to push the "reset" button when civilizations have decayed to the point of needing it. In the session with Dolores, he expressed anger that he finds himself incarnated here once again. He had thought we had collectively learned our lesson though the many times it had happened before. There was apparently strong expectation  on the part of the Ascended Masters that this time could be different.

Dolores Cannon collected information from sessions with thousands of clients. She often found that many of them were not coming to her simply to get answers about their own issues and past lives; some went into deeper trance where authoritative voices came through to deliver messages concerning events on Earth. A clear theme emerged that the Ascended Masters really wanted to have things turn out differently for Earth this time around. The plan is to avoid destruction by raising the collective consciousness of humanity. Dolores began referring to this as "The New Earth". She speculated as to how the actual logistics would be carried out, and what would happen to the "Old Earth" and the portion of humanity that is not ready for ascension.

I don't presume to have any clues as to the actual mechanics of ascension. Brighter minds than mine are grappling with the problem. What I have developed is a personal vision of how life can be approached if one assumes that the limitations we were previously governed by were removed.

My cosmology is based on the understanding that the universe consists of a singular consciousness, and that consciousness is the underlying cause and substance of everything. The physical universe was created by thought, and exists as only one layer among many other layers of existence.

We are all primarily souls, existing in a higher spiritual dimension. Incarnation as humans is done because spirit finds it to be a valuable experience. As humans, we forget our spiritual origins and buy into a physical reality that is quite limited in contrast to our true natures. It generally works out OK that way, as the soul is usually able to accomplish its lessons and goals for each life, and then return to spirit to consolidate and review the experiences. This is true regardless of the spiritual awareness achieved by the individual; whether saint or sinner, Muslim, Hindu or atheist - none of that has any bearing on how the soul measures its progress. Any presumptive beliefs we may have about our existence are irrelevant once we return to our home dimension.

Until now, we generally lived our lives as best as possible, while subject to many limitations. Our understanding of who we really are was limited, and since we didn't know why we are here, we couldn't see a "bigger picture" that could be helpful in charting our course.

From the moment a baby is born, the primary experience is one of fear and deprivation. The warm environment of the womb is replace with a cold world where we may or may not have  adequate resources. The parents try their best to surround baby with warmth and love, but the theme of life will soon be established as a struggle between love and fear. The developing human soon learns that lack and deprivation are the norm, and abundance is only gained through hard work, good luck, and sometimes coercion of others. The derivatives of fear become envy, hatred, dishonesty, violence and cruelty. On a larger scale, this leads to war and economic systems that exploit the majority for the benefit of the few.

The human living in the physical world has no tools to see things any differently or rise above limitations. But what if a greater understanding could be achieved? What if we could visualize a model of our reality where physicality exists as a substrate floating upon a sea of energy? What if we could become aware that everything about our physical existence is determined by sponsoring energetic thoughts?

I have painted a brief picture of the "One foot planted firmly on earth". Next we will examine the "One foot in Atlantis" aspect.

My vision is based on the assumption that limitations are arbitrary and can be pushed back a great deal. My approach is to visualize the energetic forces that form the backbone of our physical existence. By understanding how we got here, we can began to see how to change and redesign our reality.

As to why one foot needs to be on souls, we already know how to create anything we desire, instantly. It's an understatement to point out that souls generally are quite relieved to return to their spiritual roots after each life on earth ends. On that plane, there is no suffering or lack of any kind, and everything is bathed in unconditional love.

But...for now, we are here. My point is, that's a good thing. There is good purpose in our coming here. Some of us become very discouraged and are thoroughly miserable, but it's equally possible to remember the joy we naturally possess. It's important that we want to be here.

The premise is unquestionably great if you are a spirit living on The Other Side...but what if we could transfer more of that love and joy down to earth while we are still here? What if we could become channels, and let the unlimited source of energy flow through us?

It seems to me that there must have been an original purpose in human existence that has been subsequently lost. Perhaps earlier civilizations embodied more of this. Perhaps Atlantis was one of them, although it eventually decayed in other ways that led to destruction.

This is my challenge: What if we pushed back our sense of limitations, and keep pushing until something convinces us to stop. What if we forged active connections with spirit, and channeled unconditional love and creative energy into our own lives and immediate surroundings? Who knows what we could create?

Later we'll get into more details of what this could look like.

Are you in?


Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Peaches' Story

When Sophie passed in January 2018, we weren't thinking about adopting another dog right away. However, Sophie was concerned about doing something to help with our sadness and grief. From her post at Rainbow Bridge, she began to search for a suitable candidate. She found another rescue Shih Tzu that looked somewhat like her. Peaches had recently arrived at Northstar Shih Tzu Rescue following a difficult life in a puppy mill. Sophie communicated to Marie that we should look into adopting her.

When her foster mom brought her to visit us for the first time, she showed her desire to come live with us by waving her paw as they were about to leave.

We quickly adopted Peaches once she had recovered from spaying and dental work. (Sophie had communicated the proper name "Peaches" to Marie). She quickly became part of the gang with Bella and the cats.

Our time together was a short two years, but this was enough time for her to blossom. The loving grooming provided by Heidi Bulmer allowed Peaches to grow her hair out and become the diva that made Sophie proud.

One of the highlights was our fall trip in 2018 to a cabin on Lake Superior in Lutsen. Sophie had absolutely loved Lake Superior, and called it the "Godess Lake", so Peaches got to experience it as well.

Just as Sophie had enjoyed countless miles in our pet stroller, Peaches did as well.

Peaches accomplished something quite wonderful during her two years with us...she embedded herself firmly into our hearts, and enjoyed the camaraderie of an adoptive "sister", Bella. She blossomed as a lovely diva, as Sophie had done.

Our time was cut short because life in a puppy mill puts a lot of miles on a dog. By the time she came to us, her 10 years of breeding in the mill had taken its toll. Her body was still intact, but her brain had been damaged. Fortunately, this didn't really show up until near the end. When she started her decline in the late fall of this year, it wasn't obvious that she was developing dementia. All we could see was increased anxiety and then trouble sleeping at night.

Near the end, the only thing that calmed her was when I cradled her in my arms and held her to my chest. It was quite a touching bond, the memory of which I shall always treasure. Unfortunately, my arms could only hold her that way for so long. Her long hours of barking and pacing during the night must have been difficult to bear.

It wasn't until the very end that we realized what our senses had been denying...that Peaches suffered from dementia. She had mostly checked out already, leaving an empty shell. The bond created by holding her kept a spark alive within her, and the day before she passed, she made a valiant effort to rally and at times seemed much like herself, only to lapse back into tormented anxiety as night descended.

We have had many fur babies leave us over the years. It's always a difficult decision, and human nature is such that we want to cling to them as long as possible. However, the flip side to that is the fact that they try to hold on in the midst of their suffering simply for our sake. This was made abundantly clear when our beloved German Shepherd Elaine passed in 2011. I resolved that I would not ask them to suffer once it became apparent there was no hope of recovery and they were looking ahead to reunion with their loved ones at Rainbow Bridge.

And so, our beautiful time together ended. The pain is eased a bit by knowing that she goes on in spirit. Sophie reported that they arrived at Rainbow Bridge this morning following a 12 hour journey (that's how long it always takes for some reason). Sophie will keep us posted. One of the first priorities will be healing Peaches' mind as they gather all the fragments of her soul that were lost during her years of suffering in the mill.

Peaches will be restored and continue on in some form. Perhaps she will choose to reincarnate, as our cat Bun did. In any case, she lives on in our hearts.

Farewell, dear Peaches. It was such a privilege to have held you so close.

Lynn Savage

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Merlin’s Tower of the Stars

Merlin’s Tower of the Stars 

This meditation is intended to bring you into the sphere of Merlin and to encounter something of the wisdom he offers to those who seek it.

Closing your eyes and sinking deeply into meditation, you find that you are standing on a green trackway that winds between fields of blue cornflowers. A little way ahead is a dark line of trees, the edge of a great forest that stretches as far as the eye can see. You may hesitate for a moment here, knowing that once you enter this place nothing may ever be quite the same. 

If you feel unprepared for this great journey, turn back now; bring yourself to everyday consciousness and leave the temple. If, however, you are prepared to undertake this adventure, continue onward into the shadowy world beneath the trees. 

Ahead the path winds onward into the heart of the forest. Mighty trees and thickets of dense undergrowth surround you, but there are clearings too, filled with sunlight and capped with blue skies and white, fast-moving clouds.

When you have been walking for a short while, you become aware of the silence. No birds sing here, no animals rustle in the bushes. This is a place so ancient and holy it has yet to be filled with familiar sounds and movements. You walk alone here, your mind slowly stilling until it knows only peace. 

After a time you reach a new clearing, and there you see a tall, narrow tower stretching upwards into bright, mid-morning air. As you approach it you see that it has several narrow windows indicating five floors, and a wooden door, closed at present, with a curious knocker made in the form of two entwined serpents. “The wisdom of the stars” is written on the door. 

You raise the knocker and knock thrice, at which the door swings open, revealing a flight of worn steps leading upwards into shadow. As you climb, counting the steps, you begin to feel a change in your metabolism: your breathing slows; your pulse beats to a strong, steady rhythm; your sight grows clearer— so that, although the tower is dark within, you have no difficulty finding your way. 

Soon you emerge on the first floor and find yourself in a circular room in which the only furniture is a large mirror in an ornate carved frame. A second flight of stairs leads on upwards. You may choose whether or not to go and look in the mirror, which may show you either your true self or an event from your past or future life. 

If you choose not to look, or after you have spent some time in front of the mirror, you begin to climb upwards again, feeling as you do so a deepening sense of awareness, so that the stones against which your hands brush as you climb seem to possess a living quality, as does the very air you breathe, which is far clearer than you would expect within the confines of the tower. 

Soon you emerge on the second floor and find yourself in a room identical to the first save that around the walls are hung a series of tapestries depicting scenes that have a deep personal meaning for you. 

They may once again be events from your own life, past or future, or they may be images of archetypal importance containing meanings not only for you but also of a wider significance. You may choose whether to examine them in detail or continue your ascent by way of the stair that leads upward. 

As you climb onwards you once again experience a sense of change, this time to your sense of hearing. Tiny sounds of mice in the stonework, spiders spinning their intricate webs, and birds singing outside the tower break the silence of the forest and become clear and sharp as crystal. At the very edge of hearing you become aware of voices singing music of unearthly beauty. 

Now you arrive at the third level, finding yourself in a room filled with light that comes from a great globe of crystal that stands at the center. You may approach and look within if you desire, and there you may see the ways in which your own deepest wishes are fulfilled. (This may be hard, for not all things desired happen as we might wish.) If you do not wish to look within the globe, begin your ascent to the next level. If you choose to look, do so, and in your own time proceed to the next flight of stairs. 

This time the change within you is subtler: you begin to be aware of connections, of the links that form between many different and variable things. Ideas or images that seem to exist independently of one another are seen to resonate, forming fresh thoughts or pictures in your mind. 

Now, as you arrive at the fourth level, you find yourself emerging into a place where the walls are transparent, like glass or crystal, and where the winds somehow blow, bringing scents of the outer world— all the rich and delicate aromas of nature. You can see, with your enhanced sight, much farther than you are normally able, and you look out across a landscape of richness and variety. 

Here are mountains and valleys, rivers and streams, forests and green hillsides; wild, uncultivated lands and the colorful quilt of fields and gardens. Houses, too, you can see, with smoke curling lazily into a blue sky. If this seems to you the landscape of the otherworld or of an earthly paradise, you are not far from the truth, for this is Logres, the inner kingdom of Britain, over which Arthur, the great king, once ruled. To your eyes it may seem familiar if you entered the world of Arthur from an earlier meditation. 

Above the land arches the sky, and though it seems like day in the country beyond, in the sky you see stars. There are familiar constellations, including Arcturus, which you know to be connected with Arthur. From it beams of golden light spill out over the land, awakening it to glorious beauty and strength. Your eyes may be drawn to any one of the starry patterns you see, and you should remember this, as it may become important to you in your later journeys. 

When you have looked your fill and have drunk the wine of the air, you begin your ascent to the fifth and final level, this time emerging into an airy room lined with shelves and cluttered with curious objects. In a chair before a roaring fire sits a figure in robes of deep blue. His hair is white, yet his face seems ever young and his eyes see deeply into you. 

You know at once that you are face to face with Merlin and that it is his observatory you have entered and climbed. He bids you welcome and to be seated in a chair opposite his own. Before you can speak he holds up his hand for silence and regards you deeply. His scrutiny is powerful and uncompromising. Whatever secrets you hold are revealed to him, and the true purpose of your coming is also known. 

After a time he speaks, and in his words you hear either words of welcome or instruction. He may tell you that you are not yet ready to enter the realm of Arthur, to answer the call. If this is so, then you should rise and take your leave, returning by the way you came and awakening to everyday consciousness. 

If, however, Merlin bids you welcome to the realm where his power is all, then you may speak the desires of your heart— the reason for your coming and your hopes for the journey you have undertaken. Only truth may be spoken here, for Merlin has read the very books of the stars and all things in potentia are known to him. 

Finally, he rises and offers you a goblet of silver in which is a clear drink. You may choose whether or not to accept this, but be sure that if you do you are imbibing truth itself, a distillation of Merlin’s wisdom, which will remain yours for as long as you are worthy of it. Beyond this you drink from the wisdom of the stars, which Merlin has studied from this tower for time beyond measure. 

This done, Merlin draws aside a curtain to reveal a small wooden door in the wall. He opens it and ushers you through… and you find that you have returned once more to the place from which you began your journey. Take a moment to reestablish contact with your physical surroundings, then open your eyes. You will find that your senses remain enhanced for some time, and whatever you discussed with Merlin or whatever you learned during your time within his tower will be yours to refer to whenever you have need.

Merlin’s Tower of the Stars

Matthews, John; Chandler, Virginia; Matthews, Caitlin; Knight, Gareth. Arthurian Magic (p. 249). Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.. Kindle Edition. 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Interview with Brett Farrell on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory  February 25, 2019

(George’s words in blue. Callers in red.)

We're going to go deep down under, we're going to Australia where we talk with Brett Ferrall about spirit possession. His book is called “The road home”.

When working as a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, a number of experiences with clients carrying attached entities convinced him that he needed to explore a whole new aspect of the healing process.

Brett has since amassed a vast amount of knowledge about the variety of possible entity attachments, is continually refining protocols and procedures for spirit release work, which combined with his psychic skills enabled him to work very effectively in the field of spirit release therapy. And here's Brett on coast to coast. First time. Brett, welcome to the program.

Thank you George. It's a real pleasure to be on your show.

So how did you get started as a hypnotherapist?

 I started as a hypnotherapist. I was meditating one day and I was thinking I was working in mental health and I thought I need to do something more effective with clients. And I was told go and study to be a hypnotherapist. So I did. And that's how I got started. And then I eventually started having some psychic experiences with clients while I was doing my studies. And that sort of led me into working in the field of spiritual therapy.

And tell us about that spirit release therapy. Exactly what do you do?

What I do is I check clients. I check nearly every client now that comes to me to see if I can put myself, rather than putting them in a trance and hypnotizing them, I put myself into a trance and I can see the entities that are in them and I can talk to them and I can then take them out according to the various protocols that I use.

Since you've been, since you've been doing this, have you saved a lot of people?

Well, a lot of people, benefited enormously from it. Of course, I work with children too sometimes, and I've had mothers side of me, Oh, you've given me my child back. Thank you very much. You know, it's quite dramatic sometimes when you, when you work this way. It's not the only thing I do for clients because, the spirit work is part of the therapeutic package. But what I find is that if you've got a dark entity in someone and I mean a dark entity that's an entity that's never been a human being. It's not like an earthbound entity that’s been attached to you.

And they always work to destroy someone's life. Now if you've got one of those I you, it compromises, any other therapy you do immediately. So that's why I always check for them, uh, first stop and, and get rid of them and then we move onto other things from there.

Have you ever gotten to a case where you just can't get rid of the demonic spirit or whatever is in there?

No, I haven't actually. Some of them put on a really good fight, and they’re quite strong and, and when I start talking to them, they'll say things like, you can't make me leave. You'll get into trouble if you try and make me leave, you know, bad things will happen and all this sort of thing. But they really can't prevent me from taking them out. But what I do is, once I located them, I will sometimes… some of them will talk with me, others won't. But I always end up binding them up. And incapacitating them, sort of bind them with light and then they can't run away or get at and infect somebody else and then I can take them out and then I can send them to the appropriate place. It's important to send to a place from which they can't come back. Otherwise, they’ll come back and infect somebody else.

What do you think of Ouija boards, Brett?

Oh, deadly. Wouldn't, wouldn't touch it.

huh? Good.

Stay away, I mean really because of, you know, a lot of people can use them and they’re just fun. But if you're a bit depressed or you're down or you've got a psychic environment that’s a bit weaker. You, can invite something in that can be difficult to get rid of if you don't know how to get rid of it. Yeah, yeah. Really can.
And these things can once they’re in, these dark entities can make life difficult and the longer they're in, the more difficult life becomes and the more powerful they tend to become within the personality of the person and keep affecting them more and more.

How do they tend to take over an individual? I mean, how do they do that?

How? Well they work through the subconscious mind basically. Sometimes people are consciously aware that something's wrong or something's watching them more. They look in the mirror and suddenly get a flash of another face. But usually they work through the subconscious mind. For instance, I had one client and she came to see me because she just could not make any progress. She kept getting blocked. She'd studied to be a therapist, but every time she tried to set up a practice, she would find some things would get in the way and she'd, she'd lose heart and she couldn't do it. When I checked her for a clearing, I found there was an earthbound male entity. In other words, that's a person that's been a human being and has died. And instead of going to the next realm or to the light, he has attached himself to somebody. Now this man within her was a very domineering man and he had been married to her in an earlier lifetime and he'd followed her through a number of lifetimes and stayed with her because he still regarded her as his wife.


And his idea of a wife was a woman that stays at home and cooks and doesn't go out and get a job and work for herself and become independent. So he was blocking her at every step.

Of course. Yeah,

I got rid of him, but then I had to do work with the client because she'd lost confidence over the years. So there was quite a bit of work to be done, to follow on from there.

You had to build that confidence back up.

Yes. And that's usually the case. It's one step to take entities out of people, and usually then we'd follow up with psychotherapy of some sort or another because quite often these people have had trauma in this lifetime and that's opened them up to attachments. So we have to look at the trauma in their childhood in this lifetime. And often there's been trauma in past lifetimes. I've had that happens with children sometimes. I had a young girl, she was 12 years old and I did this remotely. I worked remotely with children most of the time. I don't work face to face with them all that much, cause the last thing I'd want to do is tell the child it's got a demon inside.

Oh my God. That's just what they need to hear. Right.

This girl was about 12, and her mother said she was too frightened to get on a school bus. She'd gone to a school where she now was required to do that and she was terrified. She'd be up vomiting the night before the fear, the thought of getting on the bus. So, I tuned into her and first thing I found was she had an implant in her from extraterrestrials, which I got rid of. And that improved her energy quite a lot, but I knew that wasn't the cause of her problem with getting on the bus. I then went a bit deeper in working with her into the subconscious mind. And I ended up going back into a past life. And in her very last previous life, she had been a young Jewish girl in Europe during the second world war and she'd been forced to work in a brothel looking after the German soldiers on leave. And every morning she and the other girls had to get up and get on a bus and go to this place to do that job. And she eventually committed suicide as a result of that. But the trauma of getting on the bus, it was, the memory was still there in his subconscious mind. And when she had to get on that school bus, that feeling came back without her knowing where it was coming from. So I then had to do some work. It was an interesting case actually because what I did was, I went into her past life myself, and took the girl out of that scene and brought her into the present life and introduced her to her other self in this lifetime. Then we got the girl's mother to come down from the light and take her to the light and then did some healing work on my client and she was fine after that. She had no problems. She's OK.

Have you been this way since you were a child, having this kind of psychic ability?

 I was always interested in spiritual things, but it was discouraged in my family. And then I was mainly interested in my teens and later life in the idea of enlightenment rather than spiritual experiences. And I was very doubtful about ghosts and things like that. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t say I believed in them. I just put them in the "too hard" basket, but then I had couple of experiences. I can mention my first experience with a ghost, if you want me to tell you about it.

Yeah, please go ahead.

My father was in hospital with the last illness before he died, and he’d just had an operation. I went in to talk to him and, and it was a bit difficult because our relationship wasn't 100%. So there were some silences and I could hear this swishing noise. And I realized in the corner of the room there was, what you'd call a bathroom. I thought that's coming from there and it's probably the system on the toilet. And I thought I could probably do something, so I said to him is that annoying you? And he said, Oh yeah, it's driving me crazy. If you could do something, that'd be good. So I said I’ll go and have a look. I went into this windowless little room, and as I closed the door before I turned a light on in the darkness, I saw this white figure run from one corner to the other and then back again. And I realized what had happened is someone had died in there and they'd taken the body up. The spirit was still in the toilet doing this repetitive movement. Over and over again.
I’d read about this a lot, and this was enough for me so I suddenly thought, wow, I'm actually experiencing a ghost here. So I closed the door and didn't turn the light on. And then I moved into a meditative state myself because I've been meditating for many, many years. It was a little old lady and she jumped on me and wrapped her arms around my neck and the legs around my waist. I could feel her on me just as if one of my kids had jumped on me. It was just incredible. And she was terrified and she would not let go. And I thought, Oh, what am I going to do? I've got to take it to the light. I just went up in my mind and we went up together and we're going through darkness and lights and I can't see any light to send it to.
And I'm thinking, what am I going to do? And then finally I saw a light looming up over on the left, getting brighter and brighter. And I said to her, that's where you have to go. But she would not let go. She was too frightened. She was just hanging on for dear life. So I put my hands under her backside and I could feel her bones in my hand. She was a skinny little thing. And I said, that's where you go. And I gave her a great shove and she left and went up that direction. So I came back down and I find myself in this bathroom again in this pitch black. And I walked out and I didn't do anything. And my father said to me, did you fix it? And I said, I think so. See how you go? And I came back about a few days later and I said, how is that noise in the bathroom. And he said, Oh, thanks for fixing that. It's, it's terrific. And the nurse came in and said, Oh, it was you that did that. Oh thanks. It was driving us crazy.

Everybody heard the thing, huh?

Yeah, I could hear it. And that woman was running across from the sink to the toilet and attempting to flush the toilet.

That's funny. A real strange one.

Sometimes people are caught in a repetitive pattern like that. And they just keep the performing the same action over and over.

Did these spirits, Brett ever thank you in their own way?

The dark ones don’t. Yeah, because they are really inimical to mankind. They’re just out to make life hard for us, they want to…

They're ticked off.

They want to use us for their place. And they want to do that by preventing people from spiritually ascending and evolving. They want to keep us down to this base level so that they can stay on earth in us. So they never think, they're always threatening and aggressive always. But sometimes, and even with earthbound spirits, they don't always want to leave. I have to talk them into leaving and going to the light. Usually it takes a while to convince them it's the right thing to di.

 Are you an Exorcist?

No, I don't, I don't do exorcisms because I do the simplest sort of work. I take out the same sort of entities from people like thought forms and dark entities.  I don't do it with rituals. I do it because I can see the end of the end. I talk to them and if the client is willing, and not many are, but sometimes they are, I can actually get the entity to talk through the client using their voice. I’ll tell the entity I want you to put your thoughts into the voice, into the mind of the client, and let him speak for you. And the client can have the experience that actually speaking on behalf of the entity within them if they want. And some people find that pretty exciting, but most people don't want to know about it.

What would you say Brad to in your career as the, you know, spirit release therapist has been probably one of the strangest encounters you've ever had?

Oh, look, I've had some. I'll tell it to you. I had a client and she rang me in a panic and wanted to see me quickly. I've been working with her already and she was being attacked. She said, I've looked inside. There's a snake on me. So I went in to see what was going on. And she had this huge snake about as think as my thigh wrapped around her and in her and as I approached at the Astral level, it jumped out and attacked me, which had never happened before. Really just aggressive and full of hatred. It was just absolute hatred. So I wrestled it into submission and then bound it up. So it was no longer a threat. And then what I do is, dark entities have an energy trail that leads back to where they've come from and I find it's a necessary to follow that trail and find out where they come from. I’ll explain why now, because I followed this energy trail back in, and it led me to a deceased man who was in a very dark place and he was in a dark place because he’d led a particularly bad life. And he had sent this snake to this woman as a thought form. It was an attack and it had taken the form of a snake.
And I described what he looked like. And she said, yes, that's the man that abused me for years when I was a child. So I thought, I've got to do something with him. Otherwise he would just launch another attack on this person. And so I pushed him further into the dark and encapsulated him in an energetic covering in the dark so that he could not send any, transmit any energies out or receive any. And then I went back to the client and we continued therapy after that. But, so this is a part of the difference between what I do and an exorcism because I don’t think exorcists follow up and find out where these come from very often. And in the therapeutic sense, you have to do that because if it's someone, sometimes it's the human being launching these attacks on your client. They'll keep doing it unless you go back and tell them, make it stop.

How many different kinds of entities are there, Brett?

Oh, there's at least at least half a dozen, I see regularly. I have these dark ones, I have people that have hooked on or died and attached themselves and they might've done that because they’re just lost and lonely. Sometimes little kids will die in hospital and attach to the nurse nearby because they don't know where to go.

Oh, they're scared.

Yeah. Yeah. And to the kid, this is a lovely person that's been looking after them. So it's a safe place to be. And nurses often have attachments like that. Or sometimes they're addicted to substances and want to attach to someone that is using drugs or drinking so I can drink the vicariously. Sometimes they'll attach for revenge or they'll want to finish something, or perhaps they love the person. And if, someone said, please don't leave me, so they attached instead of going up. There’s lots of reasons. And then the other big one I get is thought forms, which is like, if you put enough energy into hating someone that energy will become like an entity in itself in the person you're directing it at. And this is what black magic's about.

it's like bad karma too, isn't it?

Oh yeah. Bad karma. Absolutely. And look, it’s an issue if you're a person that's full of rage. One of the first experiences I had, in actually taking an entity out of the client was before I started practicing. I was working in mental health, working with a client that had done jail time for assault. And he was a threatening sort of guy but I got off fairly well with him. But he frightened nearly everyone else in the office and the building. But one day I was at home and all of a sudden on my exercise bike in the garage and all of a sudden here he is standing in front of me, not any physical form, but in a sort of astral form. And, this thing started coming up out of his head with his teeth and hair all sticking out of it. And it was screaming at me and I thought, what's going on? And I looked at it and it was saying, you can't make me leave. You can't make me leave. And it was like just absolute rage. It was full of rage. And I didn't know anything about how to deal with things, how to use the light and everything else. So I just, I just reached at it and grabbed it and wrestled it to the ground and then, it turned into a little furry creature and tried to run back to the client, but I grabbed it and I took it up. I told it, you've got to go, I've got to take you somewhere. So I took it up high like I did with the ghost. I was shown what's called the gray zone cause everything's gray up there. And I popped him in there and I knew that he would stay there until it's sorted out.

You were talking about how you were attacked by the snake earlier, Brett, I mean, has it gotten any worse for you?

In terms of attacks, that was probably one of the most vigorous ones, but I have been attacked. One time I made a mistake when I was early on in my practice. A woman came to see me and she had this entity that would come to her at night and pin her to the bed, which is not an uncommon thing actually, but it would prevent her from lifting her arms up and she couldn't and it was quite frightening for her. And it also sometimes happened during the day. So I took this entity out of her and thought I had got rid of it quite carefully, but I must have not followed the protocol.  I woke up at about three o'clock in the morning after I'd gone home of course. And, I'm pinned to my bed and I can't lift my arms up and feel this really heavy weight on the, and I'm thinking, I'll fill myself with light or I'll do this and nothing worked. I was just absolutely being pressed into the bed physically. And so in the end, I just gave this enormous effort, summoned up my energy, held my breath, gave an enormous yell and just physically grabbed the thing and jumped up and wrestled it up. And then I wrapped it up and got rid of it. But that was because I must've been a bit careless and they'd come home with me and it's shifted from her to me. The report I got from her was that she was very happy with the session because she was quite free. But you can be attacked if you're not careful on that. Note what you're doing.

What do these dark entities want? Brett, what are they after?

 I have often wondered this because it puzzles me too, George. What they want is they want the earth. The earth is a three-dimensional sort of dense. It's a dense energy here compared with a lot of other places out there in the universe. And it suits these dark entities that want the earth to be their place in the world, in the universe, sorry. And they want, in order to have that, they can't be occupied themselves. And they don't have bodies. They want to occupy the bodies of human beings, but they don't want human beings to ascend to a high level of vibration and spiritual awareness because that then means that the entities can’t enter them or the people will not reincarnate anymore. So they want to keep everyone down. At a very base level and the more you're interested in fighting, taking drugs, warfare and all those negative lower energy thought patterns, the more the happier they are with you.

And they want to keep you there. I asked one of them why he was spending his time keeping someone unhappy and he says because when they're unhappy they stay with us. And I went once to follow the trail of a dark entity and it took me back to a high place and I came to the biggest, the biggest one I've ever seen. There is a hierarchy of them and, and the oldest ones tend to be the top of the hierarchy, quite enormous. That can be the size of a small mountain sometimes they've reached enormous size and this one was like that. And, and I actually stood on his chest to talk to him. He was that big and he was a really old thing and he had dark things flying around protecting him. I said, what did you send this young dark entity down into my client for?

Because he knew I was going to just get rid of the entity. And I said, well we have to do what we can. And I said, well look, you know, you can't win. You can't beat God. You can't beat the light. What, what's the point? He said, well, we do what we can. And I realized what he was saying was that they don't have to win. They just have to be able to delay indefinitely and that would be a win for them. That's what they want. So I said to him, well, I think I'll get rid of you. And he said, well, a lot have tried, many have tried but I'm just too big. And I said, well let's see about that because I took it as a challenge anyway. I got rid of him and that was a bit of shock for him I suppose.

But the things that were guarding him then attacked me. So I got rid of a couple of them, but what I did with this guy to get rid of him was I spread myself around him in the astral form. In the astral world, whatever you imagine happens, basically that's how you control your energy and everything that happens. You just imagine it and your energy goes where your imagination goes. I surrounded this whole thing with my, like extended my own energy form all around him. And then I drew that in like a net until I squeezed him down, until he was a bowl of, at a diameter of about eight feet. And then I encased that in steel and then I took him out to what I call is what I've been told is the sea of forgetfulness.
I didn't know about this early on because, but later on I was shown the sea of forgetfulness. That's what I call it. And I'll take them out and drop them into this very deep sea. And I know that when they go into that there is, eventually all the memories they have and the powers they have will eventually be worn away. And all that will be left will be the spark of light that's at the core and then that will be recycled because a dark entity, unlike a thought form, has the spark of God's light in it and they think of themselves as being black and that the light will hurt them and that they're at war with the light. But in fact what they don't even realize is that that spark of light right down at the very core of their being. And sometimes I can talk them into going down and looking at that. And if I do that, they will start to experience the warmth and the light and usually once they get that far, but I will agree to let that light fill their whole form and we can clean them up enough for them to go to the light instead of going to one of these dark places where they get locked away for thousands of years.

Once somebody has an entity attached to them, do they know? Do they know they've got this entity stuck to them?

Some suspect, they don't know. But clients come to me and say, I think I've got an entity because I keep having a voice in my head telling me that I’m no good. One woman said to me, I look in the mirror and sometimes I see the face of an old woman. And she had an old woman in her that was basically starting to live. The old woman was starting to relive her old, old life from a past in life through this young woman. And that was destroying this young woman's life. Sometimes people will suddenly, if they have to go to a hospital and their energy structure is down, where perhaps they had a car accident and something enters them, then they suddenly find, I've got this thirst for alcohol or they start getting in rages all of a sudden and their character changes dramatically.
That sort of thing could be an indication. Sometimes people will think, I just keep having a dream about this. This entity or this person coming to me. And that's the subconscious telling them that I've got one of these, an entity there. So people often have an inkling, but I think in the past people have just written it off and said it’s impossible. Our Western culture is not really good at recognizing this. In the Eastern cultures, these things are well known and people are much more alert to it. But in our culture, our ignorance of it actually makes us susceptible to attachment. And it also means people don't go for treatment all that much.

Brad, how does an innocent child get attached?

Pretty easily, actually. Children can get easily be attached to, because of their energy, that is, they're quite open and they're quite open in that sense. So, I have people come to me and, say, I've got an attachment, so I’ll ask the entity, how old was the client when you attached to this person, and caused this. It's no good saying how old are you? Because they're then I can't answer, but I can tell you all the client wasn't sometimes they say two years old and so on like that. And, and I ask, why do you attach to her? Cause she was really nice and it was easy to get in.

How can you tell if you've got an attachment?

Some of the things I've just mentioned. But also, most of the signs for an attachment can also be the signs for personality disorder,

Right? There could be something mental here going on, right?

Yeah. Well even if the personality isn’t always actually being psychotic. It's often being a bit difficult to get hold with basically. You can still function in normal society, but, if people are,  a little bit bizarre in the way they behave or if they say, they've got a voice in their head, sometimes that's a sign of psychosis, but that can also be, the psychosis can be brought on by an entity that's doing that.
If someone develops a conflict about their sexuality they might find, you know… for instance, a mother referred a girl, a teenager to me, and she was saying she wanted to be a male. And I went in and had a look and she had a very dominant male, earthbound entity within her and it was encouraging her to be a man. So I took him out and then she started to resolve her issue around her sexual dysphoria at that point.

Now, how do you work? I mean, are you a, like a priest, you know, are you carrying a crucifix? What, what do you do?

No, no, I don't have any religious affiliations. George. I work with spirit and I work as a therapist and by word of mouth, I'm getting more and more people that are interested in the spirit release side of it, but I still get a lot of my work with people that have been traumatized in childhood or in past lives. I do a lot of work with trauma. Even on occasion, you still get the person who wants to stop smoking. So there’s a lot of trauma, anxiety, depression, those sorts of things. And people that find their lives are blocked, stopped and they just can't make progress anymore.  So I get a lot of women, I get mothers, who had been referred by other mothers who want me to look at their children who have behavioral problems and won't go to school. And I'll tell a really common thing with children is…I'll give you an example of a child that wouldn't go to bed at night. He was terrified all the time, couldn't concentrate at school. He said there were two men following him around all the time. So I got him to draw me a picture of the two men and one had a black mask on. The other one carried a knife. And I looked at the picture. I thought he's generated these himself because what happens is the kid can generate, get fascinated with a monster on a film or a game or something. And then for a younger kid…

They create it themselves.

The subconscious mind will then build that up into a bigger and bigger image. Without the kid even wanting it to necessarily, and all of a sudden he's got a monster that he's terrified off. But the thing, the interesting thing is that this, these monsters are then sort of like, what do I call it? Thought form. They've been created by the thoughts of the child, but they're so realistic that I can go in and talk to them. And I went and talked to these two men. I said guys you’re terrorizing little Johnny here. And they said “no worries, he made us, see, we follow him around cause we like him. And I said, that might be the case, but it's scaring the hell out of him. And he can't sleep at night, he can't pay attention in school, he's terrified all the time. So I said, you've got to go.  I'm sorry, but you have to go. So each one of them had a sort of an umbilical cord attached to the child, like an energy cord. So I gradually, or very gently extracted that from the child for each one of them. And they just shriveled up and died. And then at this level, I can speak to the child's subconscious mind cause when I'm working remotely with a child, I'm working at that level. So I said to the kid. Would you like to have an angel instead of those scary guys? Oh yeah. So we summoned it up. An angel who looked uncommonly like a Lego man actually, and he was very happy with that. His mother told me…and this is an issue for me, George, in a way because when I first started this work, I really had doubts about whether it was real and that I was making it up and it was all fantasy. But I get feedback. What this child's mother said to me a week later that she was out walking with him and he said, Gee Mom, I’m so glad I don't have that man with me anymore. It's really nice. I don't even think about him anymore.


So people's lives change. It really makes a big difference.

Are you finding that more people are getting possessed or attached than before?

Well, I don't know because I don't meet a wide spectrum and the people that come to me all have a problem, they don't come to me cause they’re happy. So a lot of the people that come to me have an attachment of some sort, but I don't know whether that's representative of the general population. Although I would say that that most people who get addicted to a drug for instance, will have an attachment. Alcoholics will have an attachment. People that, are really depressed will often have an attachment. People that hate their work often have an attachment. So it's much more common in the community than it is realized, but how common, I don't know statistically,

Now when you come in and try to help somebody, how quickly can you get rid of this spirit or demon?

Oh, look, immediately, I'll find it actually. Once I've seen that I would just work on it immediately and talk with it. I'd talk, explain to the client what we're doing and the client, I talk out loud to the spirit. Even now I don't have to, I can talk telepathically to it, but I talk out loud so the client knows what's going on and we can get rid of it on the spot. Sometimes I feel it leave their body and other times they don’t, but they usually feel much lighter after I've taken something out. But on the other hand, you have to be careful because sometimes the psyche is like… the human psyche is vast and very deep and you can have entities that are hiding down at a deeper level, a deeper layer and they will come to the surface on a second consultation. Sometimes or if you're not careful, other ones will come in to take that place.
For instance, I've had a number of clients that have been involved in lifetimes in South America, in the Aztec culture and the Mayan culture and they were very bloodthirsty cultures. Some of my clients have in those cultures worked directly, which was common there, with the darkside. The priests would work with the dark side consciously and willingly to enhance their powers. Once you do that and get involved in that, the darkside considers that they have your forever. Not just for this last time, but for them. It's an eternal contract. So they will then come through and try to attach dark entities to you in this lifetime. So then I have to take them out and then push, push back to that place and sometimes deal with entities back there in South America, which is still operating, even though the cultures aren't there. When a culture builds up a thought form, like a deity or something like that, the deity can become so powerful from the thoughts of the people that it can still be there and operating thousands of years after the culture that created it has gone.

How do you remove a curse.? We'll talk with Brett about that and take your calls in this next hour.

Brett, before I ask about curses, tell us about your book The Road Home.

The Road Home I wrote before I was involved in this with George. It's a channeled book in two volumes and it's the direct voice of God telling you how to practice your approach to spiritual matters. And I teach a form of that to my clients and sometimes run workshops on this. And I teach people how to get in touch with their highest self. I'm actually running a workshop in May in Melbourne here with  the real Ghostbusters conference. I'll be talking and running a three hour workshop. I teach people to get in touch with their higher self and, and work that way. And basically, this is the same concept running through that book. It deals in detail with all the, all the types of resistances that will arise in you when you try and do that.
And not everyone gets all of them, but most people get quite a lot of resistance. Like they'll say, Oh, I really love God to tell me what I needed to do. But the thought actually terrifies most people because they'll think I'll have to do something I don't want to do. You'll take something away from me. It'll be a sacrifice. And that's all very erroneous thinking of course. How can getting in touch with God be a sacrifice? And getting in touch with your higher self is really getting in touch with the source because I tell people that the higher self is the part of the mind that is still in touch with the source. And most of us ignore it and we work with our lower mind and the ego, which tells us we're separate individuals and alone and we have to look after ourselves and make them competitive and fight with people that don't agree with us.

What can you tell us about curses?

Curses are really, really nasty, George, because when someone's been cursed, they usually get a feeling almost of nausea. They get a feeling, something's wrong. They just get that awful achy feeling without actually knowing what's going on. And that's just a terrible, terrible feeling. And it's almost like you feel out of control. Something is happening to you and you don't know what to do about it. Things start going wrong in your life and you know, a dead bird turns up on your doorstep or your cat will disappear, or you'll get aches and pains in various parts of your body and your energy is depleted that day. That’s the sort of symptoms you get.  I had a man come to me recently and he, he had a wind blowing on one part of his body and when a wind blows, you feel a cold wind blowing on you, that's always a sign of spiritual work going on. And he also had a pain in that part of his body. So I went in and took a look at it and realized it was a curse. And in talking to him. I found that the pain had started this shortly after he broken up with his ex-girlfriend about a year previously. So I followed the energy trail back in, and it took me back to a certain place and he said, Oh yeah, the mother used to live there and she dabbled in the occult.
Si what had happened was his girlfriend had gone home, told mum about the breakup and mum had said, look, I'll give you a bit of a fix for you. Something along those lines. And she'd put a curse on him and that was how it worked. So I then had to go back and talk to the mother myself and say, look, stop doing this. I'll come back, I'll actually come back and take your powers away from you. And she said, well, you can't do that. And I said, well, yes I can. So I gave her a bit of an example of what I could do and then she chose to cease and desist at that point because she realized it was a bit dangerous for her to keep calling.

All right, let's take some calls. They're lining up. Let's go to Donna and Cleveland, Ohio to get stuff started up. She's not ready yet. We'll go to Ed and Connecticut and welcome to the program.

Hey George, thanks for taking my call. Brett my question, is a fellow Australian Mary Rodwell, I don't know if you've heard of her, but she's done some research. I don't know to what extent, but uh, about children being abducted and then taught like unbelievable things about how the universe works and super technology and whatnot. And I was wondering if you've heard of her and if there's any correlation about these evil attachments. Cause you mentioned one child having some type of implant or whatnot and that's about it.

Look, I've had a number of children with implants that I've had to take out. They're easy to take out, but then I follow back the trail to the extraterrestrials that have put the implant in place because if I don't, they'll put another one in. And I explained to them that, it's illegal to do that without the permission of the person concerned. And they usually argue with me and I say something to them like, look, if you don't cease the activity that you're involved in here with my client and I’m representing her and all the other clients that you've got, all the other people, you've got attachments on. And if you don't take them out and leave, I will make sure you don't actually get back to your home, your home base, wherever that is. And they usually, say then well, we don't think you've got the power to do that. So then what I do is will wrap up the person I'm talking to  in light and start to squeeze him and they suddenly realize I did have the power to put them in a dark zone from which they cannot go home and they’ll pack up and leave every time virtually. Yeah.


The important thing here is that we're not totally victims of these extraterrestrials. They can be threatened in that way. And they're aware of that themselves and they don't want to get stranded out here forever. They want to get back home. I've only ever had one child that was abducted. And I came on the scene after that had happened. I went up and did a similar thing with the extraterrestrials there. and got rid of them. So, the child finally settled down, but I haven't had a lot to do with abductions as such to tell the truth.

What do they think of ETs in Australia, Brett? Are they a very forward with it?

There's a lot of interest in it.They have tours into the Outback into some parts of some parts in the Outback of Australia where you see lights just flowing around all night, you know, and quite regular one night, but regularly. And this is a particular place up in, I think it's Northern new South Wales, where I think at some sort of a hub because there's a lot of the activity in the sky at night up there. I think it's much the same all over the world actually, George

Brett, you've written a little bit about the missing plane. MH, three 70, that disappeared years ago with all their passengers aboard. People think the pilot tanked the plane. But you have your own theory.

I do. Yes. Yeah, very much. Um, I was in a psychic development group sometime after that, and I was just meditating in the group and without any thought about that incident, and I suddenly found myself under water and I thought, Oh, what's going on here? And then I see in front of me the fuselage of a plane with a big hole blasted out where it was broken as it had fallen in one side. So I thought straight away that this was that airplane. So I went inside and there was one, Asian woman in there, and she was screaming at me and she was saying, “but they knew if something was wrong, why didn't they do something? Why didn't they do something? I want to go home, I want to go home.” And, and I'm thinking, well, how do I handle this? Because she doesn't realize she stayed on. That was the problem, I think. So, at that point I looked around and standing off to one side, some distance was an Asian man and a woman and a couple of kids. And I saw what was going on. I said, there's your family over there. And she went zoom and she was gone bye. Got it. A light. They've got this. I shouldn't say they, but some of them have this, you know, family heritage thing that's more important. So she was gone and at that point I saw that the captain was still in the cockpit, but he was in a, he was in a psychotic state and I was advised to leave him. They said no one could do anything with him at that time. So I then exited that scene and found myself back in the, in the room with the psychic development class.

Are you convinced he tanked the plane?

Yes, yes. I think he was. He was responsible for that. Yes. Yeah. That his condition at that point indicated to me that that was the case. Yes. Yes.

Let's go to Stacy in Holly Springs, Mississippi. Welcome to the show. Hi Stacy.

Hello everyone. I want to thank you first of all for taking my phone call.


I live in Holly Springs, Mississippi. I purchased the house a year ago and I do know that has a ton of activity. I didn't believe in it until I moved in. I've come to a conclusion that we kind of live together, if that makes sense. I have them on video. Um, I have them when I tape at night, I can hear them where my concern is this and I was wondering if you can help me. I've had this dog or three years prior to moving in and it's a lovable dog. Um, never had a problem, got along with my cats, the whole thing. And I was wondering if entities can enter into an animal. He has killed both of my cats at this point. But it's not all the time that he's angry. If you look he literally will change. His whole face will change. And he attacked my husband to the point where one of them was gonna die. I can’t put him down, because he switches right back to normal.

yeah. There are really positive signs that there's an entity in him almost, almost certainly.  I would say so. Yes.

How do you get rid of an entity in an animal, Brent?

It’s just the same that you're do with a person, but from my point of view, but for, from the owner's point of view, I think you've probably gotta go see someone like me and get them to do some work with the animal. It's really not different to taking it into a human being. It's just much the same.

I can go online then and set something up with you?

So you can, yes. If you go to my website and, and make contact with me and just remind me of the case and I'll, I'll certainly look into that fully and I'll look at it. What I need is your address, that residential address, So I can tune into the advice directly. We can look without that, but it's harder. It's much quicker if I've got the address where the dog lives. Yep.

And you take emails obviously, right?

Yes, yes, yes. Uh, you can send me an email and then, um, you can arrange payment either the, either the fruit, PayPal, something like that. But yup. Can fix that for you or that I can guarantee you that I could clean up the other things too if you want them cleaned up, if you're happy with them, not everyone wants to get rid of their end of these. I had a woman once a an Indian woman and it seemed like nearly half, half the family that had become deceased in the, in the previous generation had joined in and she had uncles and aunts and grandparents in there and she used to talk to them regularly and she didn't want me to take any of them out, but we're real happy. And so just had to leave ‘em be.

Let's go to Wayne in Chicago. OK, go ahead.

Thank you George, and thank you for your incredible guests. You're absolutely incredible, sir.

There you go, Brett.

Yup. Yes. I'm, I have a question that I've asked before on this show. Um, here's a question, George. If you have a child, did you leave your child with the child molester to babysit knowing that the child or the child knowing that the person is a child?

Heck no. He wouldn't even be close to the kid. Okay.

Would you, would you leave your family in the care of a serial killer knowing that he's a serial killer?

No, of course not.

So why don't these higher powers who have complete control not stop the evil entities from doing what they're doing when they already know what these evil entities are?

Now, when you say higher powers, who are we talking about?

God, the angels.

Wow. Okay. What do you think of that, Brett?

Oh, look, yeah, that's a, that's a common question and it's an age old question. But the effect is that God doesn't interfere directly. He offers us the power for us to do that. We have to be his hands and his feet and his lips and his voice. The whole purpose of us being here on, on the planet is for us to realize our own power. And we have free will and it's our free will that's created the environment that we live in, in this world. And it's our free will. We have to use that free will to get out all that. God will not interfere with our free will. If we want to do evil things, he will not stop us because that's our will. But on the other hand, God isn't mean, because he knows that all this negativity on the planet is really illusory.
The original spiritual self of each person is never affected by what happens on this planet. But at a mental level, we've got to make a decision to put our minds in line with our spirit and live that way as against, taking our minds and putting it in touch with our ego and then doing, taking advantage of other people and, and so on and so forth. And that's working itself out in the gradually evolution of the human spirit on this planet. And that has to be worked out, through the people with free will. God will not interfere, he will send someone down like a Jesus or Buddha or Zoroaster and ask him to teach us how to lift our energy up, but he can't do it for us and he won't get rid of the bad guys because in his eyes they're spiritually perfect as well. But at an emotional or a personality level, they're not. But that's where free will comes in. And what we're here to learn is how to handle that free will by putting our mind in in a con, in sync with our spirit and that that's the highest self. So that's what I teach people. I said June India high self and listen to listen to that. It will guide you in the right direction. Absolutely. And that'll teach you how to handle difficult people as well.

Can someone, we were talking about this before the break, can someone be attached to more than two, one or two entities at one time?

Uh, you mean, a deceased person be attached to more than two or more than one other person?


I haven't ever come across that. What I have come across is that a deceased person can have dark entities in them, which then they attach themselves to someone else. So the other person's got an earthbound with dark entities in it.  I remember I had a client once, but I've never come across someone being able to split themselves. Although I came across a client once and she, had a, an Vietnam veteran in, attached to her and operating within her. He was a very funny guy. And he had us both laughing. He was talking through her and before he arranged, we arranged for him to leave. And I said to him before he left, I said, are there any other entities in this person? Cause it's a good question to ask because often there are as one, there's often more. And he said yeah, the whole platoon’s here!


What happened was they’d been wiped out in action in Vietnam and he was the sort of happy go lucky guy that everyone in the platoon like and he must have been one of the last ones killed because they all attached to him. There was a whole bunch of guys there in this woman. So we sent them all off together as he checked with them and they said we're happy to go to the light. So we sent him off as a package deal and got rid of them that way. But I've never heard of anyone being able to split themselves between, but look, I wouldn't say it's out of the question because I constantly find that the strange, rare and peculiar happen in the spirit world.

Do you think Brett, that dabbling in the spirit world, the way you have primarily, uh, in the long run will hurt you physically?

No, no. In fact, it's strengthened me because I've become aware of the power that's at my disposal. And look, I'm not a Christian, but I align myself with the Christ energy because I figured if I'm going to work in this field, I want to have the very, very top, the best energy that's available to me because then I know I'm safe and I can deal with anything that arises. Now if it’s big and strong I can beat it, I can ask my higher self how to use the energy that's available to me, exactly how the best way to work with any particular entity that I'm confronted with. And I do that regularly and that that's a real strengthening thing for me. And  I fully believe that eventually as time goes on, this work will become a normal part of healing for people that are doing the work I do will work in conjunction with Orthodox medicine because a lot of people I know out there taking medication because of the symptoms they've got from entities that are attached to them and really they needn't be taking that medication.

It's dangerous to dabble into, things like an Ouija board and you don't know anything about what you're doing. But I think eventually more and more people, have got to become alert to what's going on here and that we actually live in a world where the entities are around us all the time. They really are. They're, just, they’re in people and not only in people but around, and we need to be aware of that, that people have them in their houses and that upsets the kids sometimes because kids, the young children, pick up on the much more than the adults.


They're around all the time where we live. We don't live independently as human beings in a world that we only occupy. We live with this spiritual life all around us. And deceased people come and visit us, relatives and things quite often, and we don't even know it will dream about them and think we just had a dream. Whereas in fact, quite often that means that they were actually there in the room, come to visit you, but they couldn't make themselves known to you.

Let's go to Rob, Portland, Oregon, first time caller. Rob, go ahead, sir.

Hello gentlemen,

you are on and ready to go.

Hey, I had a question about, the 1970s. Anxiety was a big deal. And depression was rare. As time progressed, depression has become prevalent and it's like the 10th, it's ranked 10th. As far as mortality. They're, they're predicting by 2020, it'll be higher. Yeah.
And then is that a factor of medicating people, or how are we progressing from being anxious in 1970 being, uninterested in life in the future? How does the entities that you're talking about, is there a correlate?

Entities will have a depressing effect on people, but I don't think that's necessarily accounts for the rise in depression. I think a part of it has come from the medication. People are put on medication too early. And the problem with those medications is it, it doesn't allow them to get over the depression. It tends to just make it chronic.

Yeah, I mean some of the side effects of the medication, Brett suicide and stuff like that.

Yup. Yup. That's the sort of thing it goes on and I, and the more people are on medication, the more people don't get over the depression. So they are effectively have more people in the community that are depressed. I'm not saying that's the only cause, I think that you've had the demise of organized religion to a large extent, not completely, but probably even more so in this country than yours. I'm not saying that that was the answer to everything, but on the other hand, people have lost that sense of what they here for. They've lost that sense of belonging and stability. And we live in a more uncertain world. In the 70s, you got a job. You could more or less stay in that job for a long time. Now you know, you're going to have about four careers in any one lifetime. And, and also with the internet, we're much more in tune with all the negative news that's going on around the world and that hits up a bad vibe for a lot of people.

Next up we have Gracie in Portland, Oregon. Hello Gracie. Welcome to the program.


Hey there.

I am so excited to hear this program tonight. So I have two things. My son was born in 1990 and in 1991 he was very, very ill, probably a total of a month in the hospitals and then, some recovery time after that. So when he got to be about 18 months old, he started changing his little personality, started being aggressive. I mean, it was just like day and night. By the time he was three years old, he was super ADHD with all this oppositional defiance. I have a lady here in Portland that knew a man. He's passed now. I believe his name was Ben and he was in Colorado and he did the same type of work that you did. He did. I didn't have to hardly give him any information about my son at all. And he said, I'll call you back.
And in three weeks he called me back and he said, your son had, three entities in him. Cause when he was very sick, he had just turned a year old in the hospital. So, he said one was a little old lady that just kind of lost her way. One was a gentleman that was just, you know, hanging out, wasn't ready to go on. But the third one was a very, very, very dark entity. And he says it's gonna take some time for me to clear, you know, his aura, but you'll know, you'll know when he's gone. And he said, I can't tell you how you will know, but you'll know. So about three weeks later I was talking to my cousin on the phone and my son came up to me, mommy, mommy, that man is gone. That man has gone. And I'm like, what are you talking about? Cause you know, I didn't correlate at the time. I'm like, I'm on the phone. Don't bug mommy when she's on the phone. No, mommy, he's gone. He left through my finger.


All of a sudden I got like this super chill and I'm like, Oh my God. He said this man, he left through my finger. He's gone.

How does somebody get three attachments? Brett?

Well, look, it's not hard George. If in hospital it's easy because people die in hospital regularly. Sometimes they'll just attach to someone that looks, easy going or friendly or if they're lost and lonely, they'll attach and you can easily pick up a couple. It's not hard to do. You could even have somebody that dies that already has an attachment with them and they'll bring somebody with them. So you've got two in one go. It's not hard to pick up more than one. And, people in certain occupations are much more liable to, like nurses and, and people like work with the dying quite often now they'll pick up. People often have a number of people with them. It's just easier than you think.
And also when people are in the hospital, their energy, the immune system is down and the often their energy field is down and they're not operating at full strength. So it's easy for an entity to attach and just slip in at that point. And usually in the hospital you'll pick up a deceased person rather than a dark entity. Although I have had children, I had a child about a year ago that was in a hospital here in Melbourne and came home and his mother said soon as soon as he came home, he was just out of control. And I went in and he had a, a dark entity in him and that he'd picked it up in the hospital. And I got a shock because I went back to the hospital and check what was going on there.  And I met their, what I call a mechanical. It's more or less like a cyborg only instead of being half man, half machine, it's half dark entity and half machine. It's like a sophisticated robot. And when I trace back to where that came from, I demolished it. But when I traced back to where it came from, I found it had been made with the help of human beings that are working with the dark side on this planet at this moment. So there are certain people that are working with the dark side and producing these things at the moment. And what you find is that when I worked with the dark side over the years that I use, when they work out that I've discovered a certain way of knowing what they are doing and I've got a defense against it, they'll change and produce something else and try to do something else.
For instance, when I follow the energy trail back, that's really easy. So what they do sometimes is, they’ll trick me the first time, they'll take the energy trial down through the ground and they'll come, they'll approach the client subterraneously and  hoping that you won't be able to follow the trail back because if you follow the trail back, you usually find a bigger entity. And they don't like to lose the big one. So they change their modus operandi as you learned to deal with what they dishing out. But these mechanical entities seem to be fairly new. I’ve only come up against them in the last year or two.

Brad's website is linked up at, it is That's au for Australia. That's where he is. Do you travel much? Do you get to the States, Brett?

No, no, no. I don't travel much actually. George. I'm a bit of a stay at home, so I’m not a sight-seer. I'd say I'll go somewhere if I have something specific to do. So, I have had no cause to go to the United States yet.

Well let's keep our fingers crossed that we have an enlightened 2019. Huh?

Look what I've been told about 2019 it's going to be a year of revelations that the things that had been secret will be brought into the open, and the things that had been hidden will be made known. And so I'm waiting for that to happen. I think it will be probably largely in the political and business world, but that's that was what I was told this year would be a battle amongst others.

Well, here we go. Hold on Brett. Thanks for being on the show.