Sunday, February 10, 2019

Why Does Tragedy Strike Good People?

Marie and I just attended the funeral of a young wife and mother, who had tragically died in an auto accident. By all accounts, she had been a beautifully loving person, a bright point of light in our midst. Watching her family struggle with grief, I wondered, as so many times before, why does this happen? Should we be angry at God? Or does life simply suck?

My spiritual path started as a devout Christian. I was taught that God is firmly in control of all things. He causes both good things and bad to occur. The "why" questions are usually unanswerable, because we are told that God works in mysterious ways.

Many years ago, I attended a church study group that looked at the question of "When bad things happen to good people". A book and documentary had been released by that title by Rabbi Kushner, which was used as the focus for discussion. I really wanted to know if there is a rhyme or reason to it. Does one need to supplicate and try to please God in order to prevent bad things from happening? Tragedy seems to be evenly distributed between the just and the unjust, so perhaps we have no influence over this.

Rabbi Kushner had suffered his own grievous loss, when his son died of an incurable disease. Clergy of all faiths inevitably deal with the "why" question when their members suffer loss. Kushner set out to ask the difficult questions, and tried to determine whether or not God should be blamed for our suffering. After all, if God is all-powerful, he could prevent tragedy, could he not? Many tell accounts of miracles, where tragedy was averted. Was God responsible for that as well? So how is this decided?

As I recall, Kushner concluded that God is indeed all-powerful, and not capricious. Kushner's explanation was that God does not micro-manage the cosmos. Utilizing a Deistic-like theology, Kushner postulated that, quite simply, shit happens. God winds up the cosmos and lets it go, and random chance determines the outcomes.

I was not satisfied with Kushner's explanation. I had suffered serious loss on several occasions in my life. I wanted to know what the implications were on how to view God in light of this. Could God even be trusted? Should we not get our hopes up and simply prepare for the worst?

Fast forward a number of years. My spiritual evolution had taken a radical turn. I had gained insight into the nuts and bolts of spirituality, and how our own Soul is in charge of major events in our lives.

Studying a number of NDE accounts, and hypnotic exploration of the soul's journey through the afterlife conducted on many subjects, my understanding is that each soul charts out a life path before birth. Many factors go into the choice of parents, genetics, and location. Based on the desired lessons and experiences, a life script is prepared that contains major probable events. Contracts with major players are agreed upon, determining who we are likely to marry, be friends with, work for etc.

In some cases, what we would consider adversity is written into the script. It all depends on what the soul's objective is. Some experiences require extreme circumstances. It certainly can seem like a mystery to our conscious minds, but our higher selves understand what we are trying to achieve.

A great source of teaching on this is "Your Soul's Plan" by Robert Schwartz. He selected several cases of people suffering from extreme adversity, and employed various means of connecting with their souls to learn whether a deliberate plan was followed.

In the case of my friend, who lost his beautiful wife, there are no ready answers. I do strongly suspect, from what I've learned from soul insight, that people who check out early do so for a reason. We may or may not come to understand the reason, but the soul is vastly mysterious, and our ego consciousness is aware of only a tiny sliver of who we really are.

I don't think things generally happen by accident. There are many accounts of accidents having been averted by miraculous intervention of angels. There are many accounts of serious illnesses having been healed by seemingly miraculous means. When the accident occurs, or illness takes its toll, it doesn't mean our guardian angels were sleeping on the job. We can seek answers and explanations. We may not get them, but we can trust that our soul knows what it is doing. We are all here for a marvelous reason, and we may not discover the whole story until after we are done. In order to understand more, we need to understand who we truly are.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

The Universe is About Experience

Excerpt from "Adventures Beyond the Body" by William Buhlman

Journal Entry, October 24, 1992

I repeat my favorite affirmation aloud for five to ten minutes: “Now I’m out of body”.

As I drift off, I intensify the affirmations in my mind. I awaken to the sensations of strong vibrations surging through my body. Immediately I focus full attention to the idea of floating to my bedroom door. Within seconds I feel myself lift and float to the door. Then, with a sense of exhilaration, I walk through the door and into the living room. As I look around, I realize that I’m in my first (densest) energy-body and have a sudden overwhelming urge to explore. Almost shouting, I verbally make a firm request, “I want so see more.” Instantly, a sensation of rapid motion draws me inward. I feel as if I’m being drawn into a vacuum, and in seconds I’m in a new environment. I’m startled and blinded by the intensity of the surrounding light. When I instinctually attempt to shield myself from the radiation, I realize that my body is without form – no arms or legs, just pure energy. I try to comprehend that I have no shape whatsoever. I seem like light without distinctive outer form. My vision is endless.

All around, pure energy emanates; there are no shapes or forms, just radiation of light. I’m drawn to what appears to be a column of pure white light. As I move closer to the light, the sheer power of its radiation is overpowering. I stop and try to adjust. The energy is so intense it feels like the outer parts of me are being burned away. My entire outer self – my thoughts, fears, and concepts – is being incinerated by the light. At first, I try to shield myself. I surround myself with thoughts only to realize that they too are being burned away by the intensity of the light. At that moment, the light enters me like a warm liquid, permeating my body and mind. My entire being is filled with light, and every part of me seems to resonate at a new frequency. I relax and enjoy the sensation of pure energy flowing through me.

Deep within, I realize something of extreme importance is before me. There is something else within the column of light. No longer afraid, I have an overpowering desire to know and understand the light. I move closer and try to peer inside. The pure energy and power are beyond words. I feel like I’m standing next to a blazing white sun that radiates waves of light. Somehow I know that I’m safe, and I slowly move forward and touch the light. An intense surge of energy flows through my entire being. I’m suddenly immersed in a ocean of pure knowledge. I’m flooded with memories of all I’ve been, all I’ve done, all that I am. Everything is now. I’m overwhelmed by the absolute simplicity of it all. For the first time, everything is clear. Everything we are and need is already here. For the first time, I recognize that we have separated ourselves from our source. How foolish we are. We focus on decaying molecular forms when the true reality is always here, patiently waiting for us to open our eyes and see. An overpowering feeling of love, a deep feeling of compassion for everything that is, permeates my being. I realize that we are all interconnected in an ocean of living light. The separateness we feel is but the dense illusion of molecular form. My awareness comes alive with the realization that my mind and its capabilities are but another temporary vehicle of expression. We exist beyond thought, beyond time, beyond linear cause and effect.

I’m overwhelmed by endless waves of pure knowledge. My mind is filled beyond its limits, and I realize that this is more than I can ever hope to remember. I scream out, “I will remember this”. Instantly I’m snapped back into my body and attempt to open my eyes.

I’m unable to move and recognize that I’m in a cataleptic state. Slowly, I can feel numbness and tingling spread through my physical body. After about a minute, I can move my fingers and toes. I lie still and review the experience with a feeling of awe. I absolutely know that the column of light was really me – not just another part of me, but the pure me, the very essence of all I am. Is it possible that we are really that incredible? Now I feel separated and alone; yet, at the same time, I feel connected to something far greater than I’ve ever imagined. My mind races with realizations, more than I can begin to comprehend.

I now recognize that we as human beings have a natural tendency to attach labels to everything we experience and to filter it according to our physical concepts and beliefs. I wonder of all shapes and forms are really our mind’s interpretation of something else – something that exists beyond all form and substance; something so pure and ethereal as to be beyond our mind’s ability to classify and interpret. It’s possible that our recognition of this is a major step forward in and of itself. Maybe the constant infighting between different religions, faiths and sects would finally come to an end if we only recognized that all religious beliefs are the physical interpretations of mortals. It’s not absolutely clear that God does not care about our personal theology. Our physical beliefs are all rooted in temporary form and substance; they are but a passing moment in time.

What really matters is experience, spiritual experience. It appears that the purpose of the entire universe is experience – firsthand, gut-wrenching, personal experience. Nothing can replace it. It’s now clear that personal experience is the road to wisdom that we all share.

Excerpt from "Adventures Beyond the Body" by William Buhlman Copyright 1996

Friday, December 7, 2018

One Foot in Atlantis

One Foot Planted Firmly on the Ground...And One Foot in Atlantis

This quest is emerging as my primary soul purpose in the latter part of my life.

What does it mean to have one foot in Atlantis?

Atlantis is a metaphor for a civilization that has matured and shifted to a higher energetic level. I believe that the legends are true, and a literal Atlantis did exist before it was destroyed 10,000 or more years ago.

Atlantis was not perfect. Living at a higher energetic level allows for many wonderful advancements and accomplishments, but the more powerful states of existence are vulnerable to abuse by the residual Jungian "shadow" part of our minds.

Atlantis was an experiment, and it succeeded on many levels, but ultimately failed.

Quite likely, the cycle has repeated before. Civilizations rise and fall. Ours is not the only one to have achieved moderate technical advancement, and ours is still quite void of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. The imbalance between technical ability and spiritual wisdom threatens to destroy us.

According researchers such as Dolores Cannon, the spiritual masters in charge of our part of the cosmos have decided to attempt an intervention that could prevent our premature self-destruction. Many call this intervention "The Shift".

Much could be written and expounded on regarding the expected impacts of The Shift on society and government. My treatment of it focuses on the personal level.

The premise goes something like this:

Souls incarnate into physical bodies for a variety of reasons, but primarily to experience things and to learn certain lessons that are generally unavailable in the higher dimensional state from whence we come. This adventure is usually carried out without much awareness by our conscious ego-based minds. Without ever realizing why we are here, most of us achieve our soul's purpose and learn our lessons, and then return to spirit. Once we review and process the physical experience, our souls are ready to incarnate again, to repeat the lessons we have failed, or to take on new ones. This model has operated for many thousands of years.

Suffering has been a constant companion for those souls brave enough to chart a journey on Earth. Some suffering can be part of the soul's planned experience, but much is due to our ignorance and obstinate intransigence toward working our soul's program or learning out lessons.

As reported by NDE experiencers, suffering is replaced by bliss as soon as the soul arrives back in its home domain. This shows that suffering is not a normal state of existence, except when cut off from our innate knowledge and power. Intuitively sensing this, many try to "check out" early, either directly via suicide, or indirectly through a prolonged period of poor self care.

The new thought is, why wait until death to experience bliss and a heavenly state of love and need fulfillment. Perhaps the new paradigm is to start bringing more of Heaven to Earth.

In my previous essays on The Fully Actualized Life, the possibility was raised of streaming in enough divine power and love to dramatically change our circumstances on Earth. This is what it's all about.

Also, I had previously noted that this is not meant to be "The Secret" on steroids. Narrow focus on "prosperity" (however that may be defined) is not the topic at hand. What we are talking about here is taking into account all of the lessons and agenda that the soul brought into incarnation, but infusing enough power and knowledge to push back the perceived boundary of limitations as held by the ego mind. Most suffering and deterioration of health are unnecessary, so we can discard them. This can only aid the soul in achieving its purpose. We are not talking about trying to live forever or banishing all problems, but as long as we are here, we are determined to live fully with a robust life force.

In subsequent articles, I will outline the beginnings of a methodical protocol. There are several preliminary steps that must be taken. This involves a full review of our soul's contract and lessons for this life, and a self inventory that reveals the cause of most of our problems. Nothing happens without cause and reason. Life seems mysterious only when we lack the knowledge and tools for understanding it.

In essence, the material universe is but a construction of vibrating energy. Nothing is fixed or truly solid, thus anything can be changed. And it turns out that someone is already directing our physical existence by manipulating the energy that defines our form and substance. That someone would be ourselves, on a subconscious level. Most methods of self-improvement are based on somehow implanting new thought into the subconscious mind, or releasing unwanted negative thought. One Foot In Atlantis is about taking that to a higher, more comprehensive level. It's about becoming who we really are. It's about seeing how far back we can push the limitations. It's about asking the soul what it really wants, and then stepping back and letting it do its thing.

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Thought-Responsive Universe

Just for a moment, imagine that you live in a magnificent ethereal world of indescribable beauty – a world consisting of subtle energies, where every thought you create instantly modes and shapes the immediate environment around you. Imagine a perfect world where your thoughts instantly create any reality you choose. Whatever your heart desires is suddenly made manifest before you. It is a glorious land overflowing with living light, a land where death , disease, and limitations are nonexistent. Imagine yourself in an ideal world where everyone is free to explore and develop their creative pursuits and experience their unlimited potential. Does this sound like Heaven?
Just think what an immature or undisciplined being could and would do in this ideal thought-responsive world. Picture the chaos and destruction that a single primitive mind could create. One undisciplined mind would wreak complete havoc, destroying the perfection of the subtle environments and the privacy of all the inhabitants.
Now for a moment imagine what kind of educational environment would be the perfect training ground for this undisciplined mind. What kind of schools would you create to educate this primitive state of consciousness? What kind of lessons would effectively train this disruptive mind to coexist in the thought-responsive dimensions?
Welcome to the slowed-down molecular training ground of matter, where focused thoughts are required in order to create and prosper. Welcome to the ideal environment where the young and undisciplined mind can learn by trial and error without contaminating the pure realm of spirit.
Welcome to your life.
This is one of the primary spiritual lessons we are here to learn. The unaware remain in the dense outer dimensions of the universe until they learn to exercise complete responsibility for their thoughts and actions. They then must learn to escape from the dense gravity field consisting of matter, form, and emotion. Eventually they recognize and break free from the illusions of form and to consciously pursue and experience their spiritual essence.
-William Buhlman from "The Secret of The Soul"

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Changing Reality part 2

Continuing the discussion based on Serge Kahili King's book...

One thing that impresses me about  Huna philosophy, is that "truth" is measured by effectiveness. While some may expend considerable energy debating the finer points of their chosen belief system, it is all relatively irrelevant if we are merely concerned with subjective theory.

In my own search for practical application of reality creation, of course the underlying theory is valid for discussion. However, at some point, the development of practical tools and methods would be quite welcome.

Author King does have a number of practical suggestions to offer. 

He starts out with an overview of Huna philosophy, which categorizes reality into four layers: Objective, Subjective, Symbolic, and Holistic.

Then, we encounter a fundamental core principal that is entirely practical: In order to work with changing reality, we must have sufficient energy at our disposal. Energy is the force that holds the universe together, and every "thing" that we experience is formed of energy.

I recognize that this is where my own quest must begin: Learning to acquire and preserve adequate levels of energy.

King refers the reader to one of his earlier books, "Endless Energy". It begins with a presentation of "7 Principals of Energy", which I quote from:

1. Energy is what you think it is. One scientific definition of energy is "the property of matter and radiation that is manifested as a capacity to perform work, and a degree or level of this capacity possessed by something or required for a process." If that sounds vague, it's because it is.

2. Energy has no limits. Energy is endless, unlimited, infinite. Of course, this only makes sense if you assume that everything is energy, which our system does. In addition, this gives rise to the logical assumption that everything is connected energetically and patterns influence other patterns through this connection.

3. Energy flows where attention goes. As focused beings of spirit the energy of the universe moves through us, and it flows where our attention goes. If we want to change something, the primary process we have for doing that is shifting our attention. Attention is what gets us into trouble, and attention can get us out of it.

4. All energy exists now. The definition of "now," of course, depends on the range of our current attention. According to this principle, what we call the "past" is a collection of currently existing energetic patterns of memory, somewhat like the information stored on the hard drive of a computer. What we call the "future" is a collection of currently existing energetic patterns of expectation, somewhat like the plans and projections stored on the hard drive of a computer.

In this system the concept is that since the universe is infinite and there are no limits, all time is simultaneous. According to this system, if you want to go backward or forward in time, you actually have to go sideways. "Past" and "future" experiences are existing right now and changing as we change. We are affecting them as much as they are affecting us. It's all inter-related.

5. Energy loves energy. Although deceptively simple, the deeper implication is energy is attracted to energy, and patterns of energy are constantly connecting, interacting, and changing into each other. One way to see this in nature is how wind energy turns into wave energy that reshapes rock energy. Another way is to notice how animal energy becomes oil energy that becomes fire energy that becomes heat and mechanical energy.

6. All power (energetic influence) comes from within. It is based on a concept called mana in Polynesia. All power comes from within, from the source. Not from within you as an individual being, but from your spirit that is connected to the center of the universe. All of the power in your life comes through you. There is nothing outside of you that has any power over you.

Everything, however, has power. The power of the tree comes from within the tree. The power of the clouds comes from within the clouds. We influence each other, and that is the purpose of increasing mana, which actually means influence. It's like being able to influence someone by speaking to them. When you think you are controlling someone it's an illusion. All you can ever do is to influence them. On their part, they always have the power to choose how to react to your influence.

Audience question: "You are saying that all power comes from within, as in nothing outside has any power over you. How about drugs? How about circumstances that happen to people?"

In our tradition all circumstances come from patterns of thought, patterns of action by the individual. They all come out of decisions made about reality and about oneself and about the world.

Audience question: "For example what if an insect bites you and you get the toxins and you get sick."

What we would say is that you and the insect attracted each other certainly and probably not on any conscious level but you had certain patterns that that insect reflected. If a toxin built up and let's say a swelling occurred, that swelling also occurred because it was reflecting some other part of you. Ordinarily, most swellings reflect some kind of suppressed anger.

Audience question: "Surely that just reflects the action of the immune system and not patterns?"

Of course it does, because not everyone who is bitten by the insect will get the swelling. Not everyone gets the same effect from the same occurrence, so that if you are in a very relaxed or unstressed state, the first likelihood is that the insect won't bite you. The second likelihood is that if does, you wouldn't have any effect from it. The insect would get all the blood it needed and it would go and you wouldn't even notice it. That does happen a lot. The third process, then, is that the less stress you are under, the less toxic the insect's bite would be to you, and the more stress you are under, the more toxic it would be to you.

This idea doesn't deny that there are effects and influences and energy in the world. It says, however, that your state is the greatest factor in how they affect you. There are people, though, who have learned how to poke steel spikes through their arms, and because they have learned how not to resist that, when they pull them out there is no bleeding and there is instant healing. There are other people who will die from a scratch from a cat, or drown in a teaspoon of water. If you can learn how to let the energy flow through you without resisting it, then you won't have the negative effect, but if you try to counter an energy which is too intense or anything that we would ordinarily call toxic, it is toxic to the degree that you are stressful.

If it is too intense for you to handle and you try to resist it, even habitually, not even consciously, to that degree it is going to hurt. To that degree you are going to be affected by it. You can put your toe in a fire and get severely burned, or you can change your state and walk across it with no harm.

Audience question: "What if a person accidentally ate a mushroom that was toxic?"

Please understand that I am not denying the validity of other systems. I am explaining our system. In our way of thinking such an incident wouldn't be accidental. Our system doesn't allow for accidents. Accidents can only happen in a finite universe, and our assumption is that the universe is infinite. Everything that happens is co-created.

Now please don't take that as blame. It does not imply any conscious involvement, because you are more than just your conscious mind. It does say, however that your whole experience, every smidgeon of it, is an effect of your expectations at conscious, unconscious, or subconscious level. Energy is attracted to energy. So in this system there are no accidents.

7. The last principle is that the effectiveness of energetic interaction is the measure of the truth about the interaction. A different way to put this is to say that expectations are only valid to the degree that they match results. It's easy to claim anything, but if the claim cannot be tested, it certainly cannot be called a truth. Beliefs do not make things true on their own. Only the results of believing can tell you how true they are. The so-called "Big Bang Theory" of the creation of the universe is a good example. Because it cannot be tested, it is really just a hypothesis, someone's guess. Circumstantial evidence, which is always open to interpretation, does not prove a hypothesis. From Hawaii we have an even better example. When dealing with anyone's claim about anything, a Hawaiian proverb uses a surfing metaphor and says, "Show your skill on the back of a wave."

This system that I am presenting to you is not presented as truth. It was made up a very long time ago by some people who took a good, long look at the world and came up with some ideas about it that seemed to work very well. They weren't seeking truth, they were seeking effectiveness. So for practical purposes they made effectiveness the measure of truth. That's one of the things that make this system quite different.

Excerpt from:
King, Serge Kahili. Endless Energy (Kindle Locations 194-195). Hunaworks. Kindle Edition.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I have been reading a book on changing reality from a Hawaiian Huna perspective. So far, this one has really illuminated me with new information on the subject.

I have read my share of material on reality creation and "law of attraction", and most of them tend to repeat the same points. And,as I've commented in numerous blog articles, to the extent that the "Law of Attraction" focuses merely on acquiring health and wealth, it misses the much of the point of the soul's purpose in life.

What seems to set this one apart is that Huna practice is an entire lifestyle, philosophy and worldview in itself. From the Huna perspective, very little in physical life cannot be altered and directed with conscious intent. What others might think of as extraordinary miracles are simply part of everyday life. The teacher does not just teach the "how" but the "why" and how this fits in with a comprehensive view of how the universe works.

One example of new insight for me concerns how we are affected by the English Language flexibility in the use of the verb "to be".

Law of Attraction gurus tell us that the power to change reality exists in the present moment, and to the extent that our focus is on the past or future, we undermine our ability to change. One reason that we of  Western rational thought can struggle with reality creation is that our language makes it so easy to shift focus from present tense to past or future. We might say "Yesterday I felt sad", but indigenous Hawaiian language forces focus from the present perspective as in "My time of feeling sad yesterday is over". Perhaps this may seem but a subtle difference, but it influences the subconscious, where reality creation begins.

Another example is our habit of creating nouns to create things from abstract experience. We can feel pain as a process of experience, but we say "I have pain" or "My pain returned" or "The pain moves around".  "Pain" may describe how we feel, but it is not really an autonomous "thing". If we say "I am angry" this not only describes how we feel, but identifies and links us to the descriptive adverb "angry". This identity can be a significant obstacle to changing and eliminating undesirable aspects of our reality.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spirituality 101

Our mission: Earth & Water Wellness is dedicated toward helping enrich personal and spiritual growth within our clients.

The term “spirituality” is often used loosely, and may mean dramatically different things to various people, so the following article seeks to define and explain spirituality within the context of our mission at Earth & Water Wellness.

It’s All About the Soul

At the core of spirituality is a belief that everyone is a soul incarnate. Essentially, souls are eternal beings that choose on occasion to incarnate into physical bodies on temporal realms such as Earth. Although many religions also teach belief in the soul, there are differences with what we are speaking of here. For one, religion tends to acknowledge the soul almost as an afterthought, something that we happen to possess, but only taking on importance after death. In contrast, spirituality stresses that we are souls first and foremost, and everything else follows from that primal fact
Many religions also teach dogma that says humans are born “sinful” and evil, and must be redeemed through various rituals and practices or else face eternal punishment. People can believe what they want, but the soul is oblivious to religion. Spiritual teaching simply points out that the soul has existed eternally, and chooses to incarnate for its own purposes. Even though it inhabits a physical form, the soul is intrinsically part of God and inseparable from God. What takes place in the “afterlife” is an interesting enough study, but not as important as understanding what the soul seeks to experience here and now.

It’s all about the soul, because we each find ourselves here on this journey, but may not realize why or even who we really are. The ego-based mind we employ to navigate physical reality is not very good at sensing spiritual reality. From its limited perspective, we are suddenly thrust into a cold, frightening environment with nary a clue as to who we are or where we came from. The “amnesia” effect of incarnation is valuable for the soul to start each life with a clean slate, so that past lives that may have featured the same lessons and “cast members” do not inhibit us from plunging into our current lessons with full intensity.

It’s all about the soul, because many of us get stuck and don’t have a clue why. The soul often intends a challenging regime of lessons and experiences that made sense during pre-birth planning, but seem overwhelming when mired in the fog of ego-based consciousness. Since the ego has no recollection of signing up for such challenges, it tends to view life as stressful and filled with suffering for no good reason. Yet, much, if not most suffering results from resisting the lessons that our soul planned. Generally speaking, the soul will not plan suffering for its own sake. The only way out is to complete the lesson and fulfill the soul’s agenda. Embracing the soul’s agenda is the quickest route to happiness, fulfillment, and reduced suffering. In order to do that, we must gain some understanding of the soul and its agenda.

It’s all about the soul, because a shift is taking place in human consciousness that causes spiritual understanding to be more readily accessible. Many mystics say we are headed toward a higher dimensional existence, with the entire planet making the transition. However, we still also exist as humans on a physical and causal plane. The exciting thing is, we can now more readily access and experience the best of both worlds. We can live with one foot grounded on Earth and “One Foot in Atlantis”. 

My term for this process is “The Fully Actualized Life" as featured in many posts on this blog.