Monday, February 18, 2013

Putting the Law of Attraction to Work Part 3

I have been making the case that understanding the Law of Attraction is an essential part of the Fully Actualized Life. This is because the LOA is in operation whether you are aware of it or not. If you aspire to learn how to consciously guide and shape certain aspects of your reality, you must learn to master the LOA. If you are content to accept whatever randomly comes your way, then you can go back to sleep and skip the rest of this blog.

As I write this blog, I am actively working on these principles in my own life. Following are some of my recent insights:

Prosperity requires that a flow be present in your life.

Some confuse the LOA with "magical thinking", which is a disparaging term used in the field of psychology. Not to dismiss the possibilities of magic, but in practical terms, it's best to not assume that the LOA is akin to pulling a Genie out of a bottle and commanding your wishes to be met.

Seriously, there is a place for magic, and in theory, the soul is enough of a natural creator to manifest anything it wishes. It's simply a matter of consciousness acting upon energy to form matter. It's how we got here to begin with.

However, it's best to take baby steps at first. Within the context of the Fully Actualized Life, we are focusing on producing a prosperous flow within our physical existence. The soul knows well enough how to create, but it's really here for the experience. A creative flow in your life means that the soul is expressing itself in the outside world. A creative flow is almost always synonymous with prosperity and success, although these terms should not be narrowly construed in terms of dollars and materialism.

So what produces a prosperous flow? Our society is structured around the concept of work and career being the centerpiece of our purpose in life. In many cases, one's vocation does represent the soul's highest and best aspiration for self-expression. In those fortunate cases, a creative flow is already present and producing a degree of prosperity.

For those less fortunate, who find that their soul's expression has not found an outlet in their work, some fearless self review must be undertaken. Is your soul finding an outlet? Many people find that an avocation or hobby outside of work is sufficient. However, in many other cases, the soul feels blocked and frustrated. This is a major source of misery in life; anxiety, depression, stress, illness and accidents often result.

Due to trauma or negative conditioning early in life, we can have major blocks in the body's energetic systems. This causes the ego's view of reality to become distorted. The ego can be very stubborn and resist the natural expression of the soul.

Another negative factor is that society conditions us to sell our time as wage slaves in exchange for material needs. We learn early in life that it can be unreasonable to expect for our job to be enjoyable and rewarding. The ego uses this argument to tell the soul to stuff it when thoughts drift toward daydreaming of a better life. Whatever fun, fabulous endeavor has been suggested by the higher self would be nice, but it doesn't pay the bills! So we reluctantly turn our attention back to the salt mine and try to accept our fate.

In all the teaching I have reviewed on the LOA, prosperity is never achieved through working hard at tedious, unrewarding jobs. That's fine if your only goal is to merely get by, and are willing to reduce your expectations for happiness, but that's not prosperity. The teaching seems unanimous, that prosperity and happiness require that the soul be free to seek its bliss. In fact, the soul seeking its bliss is a major source of prosperity.

For those stuck in unrewarding jobs out of economic necessity, the LOA offers a path to become unstuck and begin moving toward a more rewarding life.

In my own case, I had a somewhat satisfying career as a programmer, but my soul aspired to take a different direction later in life. Thus I have found myself at a crossroads where the LOA is an essential tool to employ.

To be continued...