Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guide to Intuitive Readings

Guide to Intuitive Readings: How to get the most out of your reading

In addition to her practice as a Hypnotherapist and Reiki healer, Marie also utilizes her psychic ability to conduct readings. These multiple modalities complement each other, and all support the overall goal of enabling her clients to connect with their higher selves and spirit guides to gain insight and resolve problems.

Because the term “psychic” simply means being able to sense from sources beyond the physical senses, the lines between modalities are not so distinct. Any energy practitioner is likely to utilize intuitive input in their work whether or not this is openly acknowledged. This only makes sense, because we are multi-dimensional beings. The entire concept of alternative energy healing is predicated on that.

There are some popular misconceptions regarding the practice of conducting a “psychic reading”. The traditional image of a Gypsy fortune-teller comes to mind, with scarf tied around her head and gazing into a crystal ball. I’m sure most people don’t really expect that particular scenario when they arrange for a reading, but some assumptions and expectations persist from pop culture that are not quite accurate.

Here are some things not to expect in a reading with Marie:

·        Don’t expect the reader to predict your future.

Some come to a reading expecting simple answers to questions like if and when “will I find my soul-mate” or “will I get a better job soon”. Although some readers may indulge their clients with easy answers to these questions, they often amount to little more than wild guesses. Unfortunately, the profession is tainted by a number of “wannabe” psychics of marginal talent, whose gifts lie more in the area of marketing or even exploitation than intuitive sensing. It’s fairly easy to pick up on what the client expects to hear, and then send them on their way as seemingly satisfied customers. However, the client is generally not left with any new enlightenment regarding their life path, or tools to deal with their problems.

A legitimate reader can usually pick up if a change is imminent in some life area such as job or relationship, but timeframes are difficult to pin down. Sometimes the guides will volunteer specific information and timeframe, but if they don’t, it’s usually for good reason. Many times the client needs to make specific changes or choices in order to make the desired goal a reality. This is one reason we go through life with blinders on; if we knew everything in advance, we might throw in the towel prematurely and think “game over”.

Quite another issue to consider is the fact that the future is not fixed, and we deal with multiple timelines, but that is large discussion in itself.

·        Don’t expect the reader to  tell you what you want to hear.

It’s not uncommon to encounter clients who “shop around”, engaging one psychic after another until finally hearing a version that meets their expectations. These people generally are not ready to face one or more unpleasant truths about themselves, or expect an easy fix for issues that require substantial work. This is not to cast judgment on anyone, but this type of expectation could easily cause a client to be disappointed with their reading from Marie. Those that come ready to consider new input, even if it challenges their preconceived notions, will likely not be disappointed.

Here are the core concepts that guide Marie in her work as an intuitive reader:

·        Ideally, the client is looking for insight into their spiritual nature and soul’s purpose in this life.

Although things are now shifting and changing, we have been living in a dark age when our entire civilization was built upon the premise that reality is limited to the 5 physical senses and that we are merely biological creatures living upon this planet. Sure, we’ve had religion as a resource, but steeped in dogma and intended primarily for control, it has generally not been a source of insight. This ignorance about the true nature of existence has led to much darkness and despair, as people search down futile pathways in attempting  to find answers.

The core truth to our existence is that we are spirit incarnated into flesh. Souls incarnate for a variety of purposes, and much of it has to do with experiencing various events and situations. Understanding the soul’s purpose and objectives can bring much enlightenment into understanding the problems in life.

The seeker who is motivated by a desire to truly understand their life, can benefit greatly from an intuitive reading. It’s possible to understand the forces behind events and problems in our lives. By understanding how our present reality was created, it is then feasible to consider what changes can be made or even to create a new and different reality.

·        We come into life with soul contracts with various people, and this information is very helpful in understanding relationship issues.

Clients grappling with difficult relationships or seeking a new one can benefit from looking at their soul contracts. We may find, for example, that a tempestuous marriage was actually with a “soul mate” that had significant karmic issues to balance with them. A client may wonder why they’ve had a string of unhappy relationships, and then uncovers a karmic issue or soul lesson they are trying to master. This insight can be useful toward clearing emotional baggage, and allowing for a more positive relationship to be attracted.

One concept that has helped me make sense of the insanity in life, is the realization that we are merely actors on a stage, acting out a scripted drama. The ego-driven mind, thinking this is all there is to reality, gets absorbed in the drama and takes it all much too seriously. Someday, the players will meet again in a cast party on the “other side”, and will laugh at how seriously we took our roles to be.

In my own experience, spiritual enlightenment has meant being able to lift my gaze to a higher perspective and see a much broader view of reality. Along the way, a number of psychic readings at key times were quite helpful for me.

In summary, a psychic reading can help bring clarity regarding past and present relationships, and offer clues on what might be developing in the future. Occasionally, the reader can discern a specific person coming into the client’s life, or offer advice on present dating prospects. One thing I’ve noticed is that the guides are often reluctant to spill too much detail on this type of thing, because we are expected to learn as we go and decide for ourselves what we really want. If you expect the guides to play heavenly matchmaker, disappointment could result.

·        The issues of money, job, and career are often complex, so simple answers in a reading are usually not sufficient.

It’s understandable that people would like quick answers to questions about jobs and money. Although the soul may not share the ego-mind’s attachment to material things, we still need to pay the bills in order to get through this life. Obviously, a balance between materialism and asceticism needs to be found. Keep in mind that there is nothing particularly spiritual about either wealth or poverty; money is simply one practical aspect of being human and living in this type of social structure.

There are several points to be made on the topic of money and abundance:

From the soul’s perspective, there is no such thing as lack or shortage, for it is connected directly to Source. The soul can create anything it desires, and in fact created this physical reality to incarnate in.

However, the beauty of the plan is that the soul comes into physicality with a customized set of objectives and experiences to achieve. Obstacles may be intentionally created so that the experience of overcoming them might be had. Some lives may seem relatively easy, while others are quite difficult, but this is all according to the overall theme or plan decided upon beforehand.

Another aspect to seek enlightenment on is how the soul’s life plan fits in with whatever job or career we are in. A healer might find fulfillment in the medical profession, but an artistic soul may feel confined and frustrated in a job as an accountant. Others may have soul objectives that don’t require any particular career, so their job is simply a practical matter of earning a living.

Some people have contracts to go through several phases of life that involve different careers, partners or locations. The infamous “midlife crisis” often coincides with one of those transition points. At such times, an intuitive reading can help sort out what is transpiring and which path to take.

As expounded upon elsewhere in this blog,  “Abundance” and “Success” should be more broadly defined as finding the path that leads to “Full Actualization” of the soul’s existence within this incarnation. Issues of money and material wealth are nearly always secondary to this objective. Issues that are important include clearing emotional and energetic blockages that inhibit success (I refer to this  as “Clearing Baggage”). There is nothing bad about having money, and having sufficient abundance to pay the bills is certainly a good thing. One hard lesson I had to learn was that we often create drama surrounding money on the unconscious level. One symptom of this is when the harder you strive, the further success seems to slip from your grasp. It’s possible to be addicted to this drama and not realize it, as I discovered.

In summary, the intuitive reader can help bring clarity to the issues of money, job, and career. By looking at the soul’s intended path and lessons to be learned, the task of making sense to it all is much easier. In general, it’s usually the soul’s intention to thrive and succeed at whatever pursuit it has chosen. Lack of success is most likely due to either blockages(energetic, emotional, negative beliefs and programming), or perhaps that the person is a line of work or direction in life that is incompatible with the soul’s objectives. As always, clarity and insight can help in getting on the proper path.

·        Health issues

Getting a reading is no substitute for professional medical care, and diagnosis of medical conditions by anyone other than a medical professional is strictly prohibited by the Powers-That-Be.

Having stated the required disclaimer, I will state my belief that the body operates on multiple dimensional levels, and allopathic medicine is concerned strictly with the material level, with no clue as to how things really work.

Some psychics (“medical intuitives”) are particularly talented in reading the body’s etheric field and scanning through each organ and body system to see if there are problems. Another modality, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, sometimes can pinpoint the cause of medical problems or even heal them. This is not so remarkable when you consider that the subconscious is aware of and in control of every aspect of the body’s systems. Emotional or energetic blockages are frequently at the root of any type of disease. Some intuitives can sense the energetic patterns and actually predict that disease is developing before medical doctors can detect it.

Allopathic medicine has its place, but many diseases still defy understanding as to cause and/or effective treatment. Alternative medicine, which includes naturopathic, holistic and energy-type modalities, certainly help fill the void.

In summary, don’t hesitate to bring up health concerns in a reading. Sometimes, valuable and timely information comes through. A reputable reader will always suggest seeking medical advice if it seems warranted, but then the client is always free to choose from available holistic and alternative healing modalities as an adjunct approach.

·        Mediumship and Animal Communication

Marie is gifted with the ability to see and communicate with spirits that have passed over. While she does not advertise specifically as a medium, this sort of thing often comes in during the course of the reading or even Reiki session. The reason is that our loved ones that have passed on continue to be concerned for us, so often make their presence known along with whatever guides and angels happen to check in.

Since pets are often integrated into our lives, it’s only natural that those who have passed over might choose to show up, especially  if your thoughts are tuned toward them. Pets still in the body can communicate just as well with Marie, and she sometimes does readings together with client and pet.

Pets living among us oven have much to say, and can help shed light on many things in our lives. Those pets and humans that have passed want us to know that they still exist and will always be just a thought away.

Hopefully this article proves helpful for those thinking about seeking a reading. Whether the reading is with Marie or any other reputable psychic, these principles should prove to be universal.