Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quantum Physics and the Law Of Attraction

I just finished a book by Peter Baksa, “The Point of Power”.  
A distinguishing aspect of this book, among the many proffering to teach the LOA, is that the author makes a serious attempt to tie Quantum Physics into the otherwise metaphysical principles. Understand, this is a tall order, and I was originally skeptical. I tend to cast a jaded eye toward the many pseudo-scientific abuses heaped upon scientific terminology by many avid new-age teachers. Not that I see any inherent conflict between science and spirituality, but I insist that the two should not be casually mixed without at least some solid evidence and methodical thinking.
To his credit, Mr. Baksa passed mustard with my standards. He doesn’t claim a scientific background, but displays enough respect for actual the actual science of Quantum Mechanics to engage in a fascinating and rewarding discussion. He demonstrates a better-than-average layman’s understanding of quantum theory, and takes pains to educate the reader on the basics.
Most people are already aware that “spooky” things are known to happen at the quantum level. Particles act like waves, and exist in bands of probability rather than in determinate state. “Entanglement” means that particles can act in complete synchronization, even when separated by vast distance, and apparently share information over a distance. “Virtual” particles pop in and out of existence, seemingly at random. It's difficult to pin down exactly what is going on inside of an atom at a given moment.
The most profound ramification of quantum phenomena is the relationship between subatomic reality and the observer. This is the “spooky” behavior that disturbed Einstein and has made its imprint into mass consciousness – the understanding that events at this most fundamental level of reality do not take place in a linear and predictable manner.
Many metaphysical and spiritual teachers have jumped on the concept of the observer influencing reality, as if this somehow proves the premise that thought can really change physical reality. While I have long suspected as much, it’s a huge leap to claim that science somehow proves it. In particular, research in quantum mechanics only involves reality at the subatomic level. There is a huge order of magnitude between the subatomic scale and the macro scale that we inhabit. To my knowledge, no one has found any scientific link between the behavior of particles at the quantum level and the solid objects that make up our world.
All my disclaimers and hedging aside,  Peter Baksa has made a case for quantum effects on the macro level. A couple of new insights struck me while reading his book.
The first involves entanglement. While scientific experiments regarding entanglement deal with individual or small numbers of particles, on a philosophical level it makes sense to assume that every atom in the universe is entangled if everything originated in the Big Bang. And as Bernard Haisch postulates in The God Theory, it makes philosophical and mathematical sense to conclude that a single, unitary consciousness pervades the universe. Spiritual teaching holds that human souls are split off from the “God” entity, but remain connected (or “entangled”).
The second insight involves the observer phenomenon. Quantum particles remain in indistinct or wave pattern state until they are measured by an observer. However, it’s not the laboratory equipment doing the measurement that constitutes the observer – it’s the human mind that is observing the measurement. For agnostic science, which believes that human consciousness is merely chemical and electrical activity in the brain, this represents sort of a philosophical dead end. What would be so special about the human biological “machine” observing, as opposed to a sophisticated computer?
Applying the Hermetic concept of the human soul being part of the field of universal consciousness, it follows that reality is only relevant when observed by human consciousness. This meshes quite well with the spiritual understanding that humans are creators. This  is explicitly taught by Seth in The Nature of Personal Reality, and is an inherent assumption in LOA teaching.
The essential LOA concept is as follows:
Physical reality is created and maintained by consciousness. The human incarnational experience allows for an ego-based personality to exist within this physical reality without necessarily being aware that there is any level of reality above it. Thus, we experience causality, the illusion of time, and can work out our karmic paths. Since the ego is unaware of how reality is created and maintained, it’s easy to believe that things can only change by force or manipulation, or that we are victimized by circumstances out of our control.
The LOA teaching can raise our awareness to see that the ego is simply a construct of the soul for the purpose of interfacing with physical reality. Then we can remember who we truly are as souls, which are connected to Source (or God, if you prefer). Since Source contains the energy that created everything in existence, there is nothing about this reality to suggest that there is any need that cannot be fulfilled. Our very existence in the physical world is maintained by our consciousness.
The Point of Power is a great manual for understanding the LOA. Peter Baksa comes across as quite practical and down-to-earth. He shares his journey from hard-luck childhood to successful professional, illustrating how he learned to use the LOA to transform his life. He then breaks down a simple 3-step technique that the reader can easily employ.
The Quantum section is just icing on the cake, from my perspective. I have always been curious as to how things work. Someday, science will expand its frontiers to the point where quantum mechanics and the LOA are simply part of a grand Theory of Everything. For those wanting to begin changing their lives now, there is no need to wait for that. It’s all here.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Closing In On The Solstice 2012

The Galactic Center
As this is written, we are at 18 days and counting until the much-anticipated 2012 winter solstice. (The countdown widget on the Earth & Water website is based on universal time, whereas midnight is 6:00 PM CST on the day before).

So much has been written and spread about on the topic of 2012 and the Mayan calendar, that I will limit my comments to a few relevant points.

First, there is no rational reason to expect doom and catastrophe on December 21. Much speculation has centered on the supposed alignment between Earth, the sun and the galactic center. While one can't rule out energetic phenomena of metaphysical nature, it's a fact that astronomically this alignment occurs every year at this time. Due to the gradual precession of the Earth, the date on which this alignment occurs slowly changes in sync with the astrological age. Thus it takes 25,600 years to complete a cycle, during which time the alignment with galactic center moves throughout the calendar and seasons. 12,000 years ago it occurred on the summer solstice, and the Milky Way would have been most visible in mid-winter instead of mid-summer as the case now.

The mystical meaning of galactic alignment on the winter solstice appears to relate to a marker in time for the "cycle of the ages". As the age of Pieces gives way to Aquarius, a moment in time is heralded that was foreseen by mystics and prophets over the past several millennia. This was generally seen as beginning of a new Golden Age.

Mythology and mystical tradition holds that the galactic center is the source of our life-force and perhaps our origin, and physicist Paul LaViolette speculates that periodic energetic outbursts from the galactic core have greatly affected life on Earth in the past. Thus there is reason to connote meaning to the alignment on the solstice, but don't be misled by the bogus pseudo-scientific claims being bantered about; the closest actual alignment is off by 6.5 degrees (equal to 13 diameters of the moon). Even if there were gravitational or other energetic effects of this near-alignment, it would have taken place every year for quite a while. The apparent movement of the stars is very slow and gradual across the sky.

On the mystical side of things, we have heard of Earth moving into a "photon belt", and how stars and black holes are supposedly beginning to radiate a different frequency of energy. There is real substance to the astronomical fact that the Solar System is moving into an area of increased dust, which could affect the sun and climate on Earth. It's difficult to pin down the likelihood of anything specific affecting us, but I'd be willing to bet that nothing drastic is going to change on December 21. The mystics may be correct as far as reality changing, but there are many versions and interpretations to sift through.

Ascension and "The Shift" definitely appear to be real, but not particularly tied to a date in 2012 - they have been happening and underway for several years now. Dolores Cannon has written extensively about The New Earth, and how the entire planet is supposed to be "graduating" to a higher dimensional frequency. (Check out her YouTube videos). Just how this plays out is still anyone's guess, but I am absolutely convinced that something is happening.

My personal take on the solstice: This is a great time for contemplation and reflection. Those who are sensitive and intuitive can sense a great deal of change underway. In some cases it has seemed chaotic and even painful at times. At this moment the change appears to be accelerating. Something new lies on the path ahead. This is an adventure that many souls have longed to experience and have gathered here in the flesh for this event. According to Dolores' discoveries, many discarnate beings and ETs have assembled here, and there is a buzz throughout the galaxy.

December 21 will likely be a day like any other, but I suspect that 2013 will mark a new phase in the ascension process. We may begin to see the outlines of the New Earth in whatever way that takes shape. I suspect it will be gradual and subtle and not perceived by all, but for those with eyes for it, this should be a marvelous time to be alive.

Lynn Savage

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Taking Personal Responsibility

This blog seeks to examine what it means to be human, as spirit incarnated into flesh. This includes the reasons for struggle and suffering, as well as our potential for accomplishing great things.

For the most part, humans have forgotten who we are. We struggle and seem attracted to endless drama. Even those of spiritual persuasion often get distracted by various schemes to increase one's luck or invoke some hidden secret of magick to resolve problems or improve our lot.

When things go wrong, we tend to think of ourselves as victims of circumstance or the wiles of others. This problem certainly wasn't of my choosing, we may say. My boss or my partner did it to me. The stars were in adverse alignment or maybe it was just a stretch of bad luck.

This thinking has a flaw, in that in order to qualify as a victim, one must be in an inferior position with respect to the forces or individuals involved. We assume the problem is a lack of personal power, so we seek methods of increasing our power and perhaps evening the odds in our favor.

The simple truth of the matter, of which I often need reminding, is that we humans are, by nature, incredibly powerful beings. We have forgotten who we are. Our civilization developed based on the philosophy of materialism. Religion mentions that we have souls, but places us as pawns at the bottom of a celestial hierarchy. They would have us supplicate before a vast deity just to be saved from fiery damnation, let alone to seek help for self-improvement. How were we to know?

As the "New Age" movement began to emerge, the concept of the soul's journey through multiple incarnations was introduced to many for the first time. One of the early voices teaching basic truths about the soul was Jane Roberts, who channeled a number of books from a discarnate entity calling himself Seth.

Seth's seminal work "The Nature of Personal Reality" is a source of essential wisdom concerning how we create our own reality. Seth identifies the Ego as the necessary interface between spirit and flesh, but shows how it generally takes on too large of a role and causes distorted thinking. When we attach our identity of Self to the Ego, we forget about the vast multidimensional aspect of Self, which is the Soul. With such limited vision, it's easy to develop a worldview that says we must strive against outside forces in order to take care of our needs and get our share.

Here are some quotes from The Nature of Personal Reality:
Your experience in the world of physical matter flows outward from the center of your inner psyche. Then you perceive this experience. Exterior events, circumstances and conditions are meant as a kind of living feedback. Altering the state of the psyche automatically alters the physical circumstances.

There is no other valid way of changing physical events.

You change even the most permanent-seeming conditions of your life constantly through the varying attitudes you have toward them. There is nothing in your exterior experience that did not originate within you.

Interactions with others do occur, of course, yet there are none that you do not accept or draw to you by your thoughts, attitudes or emotions. This applies in each area of your life. In your terms, it applies both before life and after it. In the most miraculous fashion are you given the gift of creating your experience.
In this existence you are learning to handle the inexhaustible energy that is available to you. The mass condition of the world, and the situation of each individual in it, is the materialization of man’s progress as he forms the world.

You make your own reality. There is no other rule. Knowing this is the secret to creativity.

I have spoken of "you", yet this must not be confused with the "you" that you often think that you are – the ego alone, for the ego is only a portion of You; it is that expert part of your personality that deals directly with the contents of your conscious mind, and is concerned most directly with the material portions of your experience.

Seth's take on how we create our reality concurs with numerous other wisdom sources and teachers, which include mystical exploration via hypnosis by Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, and Dolores Cannon.

I'm convinced that we are powerful creator souls, and as such can never be victims. If we don't like the reality we experience, then it's necessary to dig into the reasons why we created it. We can then craft a strategy to create something different.

The topic of "Clearing the Baggage" is vitally connected to reality creation, for the unconscious and subconscious minds are constantly creating the reality we experience. In order to discover why a particular negative feature exists in your life, it's necessary to examine the programming running on the unconscious level.

The "Law of Attraction" works, not as a clever or powerful ritual, but due to the fact that conscious focus initiates the creation process. Again, negative programming running on the unconscious level far outweighs any positive mantras we might consciously recite. Therefore, the LOA is of limited value without thorough self-inventory and baggage clearing.

The bottom line is, we are completely responsible for everything we experience. Taking responsibility is the first step toward changing and improving ourselves.

The next time you are feeling small while facing a problem, try reflecting on who you really are. Think on how your problem could be connected with the life lessons you soul came here to experience. Then remember your connection to the inexhaustible resource of Source. If you really don't like the direction your life is taking, you can edit the script and run a different program. But first you must become aware of the program that is currently running in your subconscious mind. Clearing the baggage is the first step.


Friday, November 9, 2012

Conversation With A Jinn

This is a bit unusual for this blog, but I've had some fascinating material for some time that I'd like to share. It consists of author Hank Wesselman's account of an encounter he had with a Jinn during a tour of Egypt. The following is my transcript of Hank's recounting of the experience while appearing on Coast to Coast AM.
Hank is a credentialed anthropologist who has followed a unique path in his personal life. He spontaneously found himself initialized into the world of Shamanic experience, and wrote a trilogy of books describing his experiences, beginning with Spirit Walker.
Hank Wesselman’s encounter with a Jinn in Egypt, as recounted in an interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM:
I was leader of a travel  group, and we were in a mortuary temple near the valley of the kings. A couple of the participants came up to me and said there’s this shrine near the entrance to the temple, and we got this huge energy hit when we went in there. I thought that was interesting, so I went back into the shrine, which was some distance away…to make a long story short…I found myself in a very dim corridor, the walls were covered with hieroglyphics. I could feel something…you become sensitive to stuff like this when you do this a lot.
I closed my eyes and amped up my personal power, and I cracked open an eye. What I saw was an eyeball, a single living eyeball looking at me from the wall of the corridor. When I looked directly at it, it was gone. I thought there was something in there, but was with the travel group, so didn’t have a chance to investigate it.

The next day we were on our Nile cruise, we were all in a big room and I was drumming for the group. I instructed people to go back to a place we had been to, to connect with the spiritual guardians that were living in that place to see what we could learn. I went back to the shrine…I brought up the memory of the shrine in my mind, while drumming with my eyes closed, and projected my consciousness back into the shrine. This time there were two eyeballs and a smoky vague form took shape in front of me. Turned out that there was a Jinn (what we would call Genie)  living in this shrine, and I had this very interesting conversation with the Jinn. First thing I did was to trick it into giving its name, because once I knew it’s name it couldn’t lie to me. I’m just giving it to you straight – this is kind of like what I do.
I asked the Jinn if there was anything that it wanted. The image of the carved alter in this shrine came up in my mind’s eye. In response the Jinn’s energetic field of pastel greens and blues…the answer came almost shyly – honey. It wanted honey. I digested this request, and I couldn’t have come up with that in a million years – it wanted honey. I was being watched by this spirit in the same way a cat looks at you just before you feed it with that same intensity that cats have. And so what I did was to use my creative imagination to create a bowl of honey – a thought form – ok I’m in the dream world, in the dream aspect of this shrine, and that’s where the Jinn is living. As I put the honey on the altar I said I will give you this honey if you tell me your name, and any resistance in the Jinn was gone. As it took the honey and drank gratefully, the Jinn’s name appeared in my mind.
Satisfied, the Jinn turned its attention fully toward me, and we had this really interesting conversation. The Jinn opened by saying “You humans are creators. We the Jinn cannot create anything but we can mimic and imitate and can affect potential outcomes but cannot create. Few can perceive us anymore, and fewer still can bind us to their will. Now that I’ve told you my name, you can ask me to serve you and I will.”

Hey, it’s beginning to sound like the Arabian Nights, isn’t it? But this isn’t going on in Arabic or English, it’s all going on in think-feeling, non-verbal communication. I asked the Jinn what qualities it possesses that could be of service to me. It kind of flickered thoughtfully and then answered “I can protect you from enemies and can inflict curses and misfortune on those that oppose you.”
My response was that I am constrained in my practice from inflicting harm on anyone for any reason. Still I thought to myself that this Genie might come in handy if a really bad guy came along. So “how about healing work?” I asked.

“Who can say what’s written on another person’s soul? We cannot purposefully influence their destiny without tampering with our agreement.”
“Agreement with who?” I asked.

“With the higher organizing intelligences”
So I asked “Are the Jinn below them in the spiritual hierarchy?”

The Jinn responded “Oh yes. Some of the younger Jinn occasionally misbehave, and the watchers approach them and encourage them in more appropriate forms of expression”.
This led me to ask, “Who are the watchers?”

The answer: “The ones among the higher intelligences responsible for this world. We’re not allowed to interfere with humans on their path, although there are some who do, as well as some who function as adversaries.”
I thought about this, and about my recent reading, so I asked “are those the ones that the Gnostics called the Archons?”. (This could hinge on UFOs and ETs).

The Jinn’s response was “Oh, so you know about them? The Archons are not true spirits, they’re mind beings. They’re mental entities, many of whom were created by humans as thought forms. Many of these function as attachments, as mental parasites.”
So I asked “How do they do that?”

“They feed on the energy, on the attention paid to them by humans. This includes the energy created by human belief systems, but they’re not true spirits and they will cease to exist if nobody pays attention to them anymore. The ones that you call the Archons are ones that we call ‘deceivers’, and like us they are not creative. They can mimic and can take on forms in response to human belief systems.”
I thought about this at some length, and then asked “Are they the ones that we call aliens or extraterrestrials?”

The Jinn didn’t appear to understand the question, so I explained. It’s response was more than interesting. This is what the Jinn said:
“The deceivers can take on many forms, drawing from the belief systems of humans. There are also visitors who come here from other places.”

“From other worlds?” I asked.

“Who are they and why do they come here?”
“They are others and they come here as visitors.”

“Why do they abduct humans and perform experiments on them?”
“They don’t. It is the deceivers who do that.”

“The deceivers? Why do they do that?”
“Humans are greater than the deceivers. The deceivers that you have called the Archons wish to become more like humans, but they cannot create. They can only imitate, and the only power that they have is derived from humans. Humans have power, and the deceivers want that power.”

“Why don’t the watchers inhibit the deceivers from interfering with humans?”
“The deceivers are not spirits. They live in the human mind, and so the watchers cannot affect them.”

I considered this at some length, and asked more questions:
“How long will you remain in this shrine?”

Again the Jinn didn’t understand the question so I rephrased it.
The answer was “This is my place.”

“If I travel here in spirit form, in my dream body to this place the way I’ve done right now, will I find you here?”

“Why do you remain here instead of going someplace else?”
“This is my place.”

Then I mentioned that some years ago I had met a Jinniyah (female Jinn) in the desert to the south of where this place was, and that she was service to me in an interesting way. I asked if he knew her.
He said “Yes, all the Jinn know each other.”

“Can you tell me her name?”

“Can you convey my greetings to her as well as my respects?”
“Yes, but you can do that yourself if you have connection with her.”

“I’ve not felt the connection for many years” I said.
“Time is not in the spirit world. All time is now.”

I asked if the Jinn exist elsewhere in the world beyond the deserts of the middle east.

“What are they called?”
“I do not know. We are the Jinn, Earthbound spirits. We live where we wish.”

“Where do the Jinn come from?”
“The Jinn are manifestations of the great spiritual force the Gnostics called The Sophia. Everything that exists on this world are manifestations of The Sophia”

“Who or what is The Sophia” I asked.
“She is the soul of this world.”

“Does she have a physical aspect”?
“Yes, this world is her physical aspect.”

“Where did the Sophia come from?”
“She came from the center of –“ and then the Jinn used a strange term. Asking for clarification, I was given to understand that the Sophia came from the core of our galaxy.”

“Is the Sophia a goddess”?
“I don’t know. She emerged from –“ (the strange term again) “as a river of conscious light. She dreams, and all that she dreams comes into manifestation. That means that she is a – “ and again an unrecognizable term.

Note: Unfortunately at this point in the interview, George Noory cut in saying it was time to take calls, so we didn’t get to hear the remaining details about the Sophia.

Update: Hank's entire written account is available at

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Addicted to Drama?

I would suppose that, if asked, most would say that creating unnecessary drama in life is a bad thing. The pejorative terms “Drama Queen” and “Drama Llama” suggest a dim view of drama, particularly when magnified out of proportion.

But what about the drama that just seems to happen despite our assumption that we prefer to avoid it? For those who seem to struggle against continual challenges, life can seem hard and unfair. We certainly didn’t ask for our problems, did we?

Despite the supposition that we desire peace and tranquility, many of us have a penchant for stirring the pot when things remain uneventful for too long.

Relationships are a great example; for some reason, many unconsciously attract partners that are guaranteed to clash with them. The friction points may be personality traits, behavioral problems, or karmic issues from previous lives. The conscious mind seems to overlook these issues while the unconscious steadily homes in and plants the hooks. The result is drama that appears to have no resolution.

At other times, a relationship that seems relatively serene is thrown into chaos by a casual affair or a thoughtless action. Why would anyone invite drama into their lives this way unless there is a desire for it? The emotional pain and turmoil that result would appear to be unwanted, but are we really unaware of what we are attracting?

Then we have our workplace dramas, money dramas, parenting dramas, health dramas. Of course, unpleasant or unfortunate events can simply happen in life, seemingly out of our control. However, when the dramas have a repeating pattern, there is reason to suspect that an unconscious mental program is creating them.

An argument can be made that simply to incarnate on this planet is to invite drama. Earth is known as a tough school and a difficult place to exist in. Souls that come here generally have an ambitious agenda to overcome challenges or balance karmic debts, so struggle is often a natural result of simply being here.

For those who long for a placid existence with no problems to resolve should remember that such a state of bliss was undoubtedly one of the choices available before birth. The fact that we are here is evidence that we chose tough challenges over the alternative. Perhaps bliss becomes boring after a while.

This is not to equate life’s normal challenges with unnecessary drama. The soul chooses challenges that it thinks are possible to overcome. To be beaten down with no hope and to remain stuck in endless cycles of defeat and failure – this outcome is most likely not on the soul’s agenda. This discussion concerns what I term “unnecessary drama” that remains locked in place.

We do seem to get bored when things are too easy. We create contrived dramas, in the form of sports and video games, as well as traditional drama in novels, movies and plays. Football is a great example of a contrived drama: We become invested emotionally in whether our team wins or loses. Each game represents another drama in which the possibility exists to become elated by winning at the risk of disappointment over losing. Following an emotional loss, it’s useful to realize that others not sharing interest in the sport are not experiencing the pain of disappointment. The drama was freely subscribed to by the faithful fans.

Wouldn’t we get bored with a team that always wins, or video games that are easy to beat? I can recall that classic Twilight Zone episode where a gangster gets killed in a shootout with police, and arrives at a place where everything seems welcoming and friendly. The women are always eager to provide every comfort, and he can’t lose at casino games. His initial delight soon turns to frustration, and he asks the caretaker why he ended up here? He had been a rather bad guy, so why not the “other place”? The caretaker (burly guy played by Sebastion Cabot) laughs and says “my dear fellow, what were you thinking? This is the other place! Bwahahaha!”

But again, if we chose our challenges before birth, we also had intentions of overcoming them. Sometimes, being stuck in a cycle of endless struggle can be a sign that we have become addicted to the drama. Relationships can be a happy adventure of two people growing and overcoming obstacles together, but repeatedly attracting a drama-filled relationship that brings only suffering and misery is probably not what the soul intended.

The same principle holds for money issues. Becoming successful and prosperous in our life’s work can be emotionally rewarding, particularly if obstacles were overcome along the way. There might be some drama along the way, but there is time to enjoy the reward of success afterward. Endless struggle with money can indicate addiction to the drama. Success would result in the drama fading away , so some unconscious form of self-sabotage ensures that this does not happen.

Anyone feeling stuck with repeated cycles of drama would be advised to take a careful self-inventory. The drama addiction can be so subtle that you are completely unaware of your part in creating it. Motivational gurus will tell you to burn your old beliefs about money and success, but the drama addiction program often flies under the radar.

Look for patterns that have repeated over and over. Is your job a source of drama? This is often coupled with the “lack of money” drama. You feel compelled to “slave away” under stressful conditions to scrape up enough to live on. There is generally an overbearing boss, annoying colleague, or some variation on the theme of unpleasant working conditions. You may have changed jobs, only to discover that the same players reappear under different names and guises. You resort to wishful thinking for a solution, such as winning the lottery. You contemplate your apparent options and dwell on your fears, which include ultimately ending up homeless and living under a bridge.

Here is some really big news! Most likely, you created the entire drama! How this actually works is a huge mystery, but each negative player or situation in you drama originated between your two ears! The big question is why. Perhaps the drama centers around a life lesson or theme that your soul brought into this life. Oftentimes the lesson is learned, the soul’s experience is complete, but you remain stuck in the mud. Perhaps you never understood the lesson and resisted it all along. Now is a good time to take that self-inventory and get in touch with your higher self!

Here is more good news: Once you take responsibility for the drama and realize that you no longer need it, the drama tends to just fade away. Troublesome players in your life begin to move away or simply start acting differently (at least in your perception). If your goal is to attain enough income to live comfortably without having to endure stress or obsess over it, then such possibilities will begin to open up. Your job should ideally be an extension of what you enjoy doing, and should be a creative outlet for the soul’s expression. This should be the norm in the absence of a drama program.

Something similar applies to relationships. Partners are attracted by mysterious forces that operate beneath your conscious awareness. If the drama program is doing the attracting, guess what the results are. If your unconscious mind is free of drama programs, and gets into alignment with your conscious intent of attracting good people into your life, then good things will follow.

With health issues, we must realize that most illness has inception somewhere deep on the unconscious level. Negative emotional patterns can lock in toxic amounts of energy in various parts of the body. Medical intuitives can sense the pattern even before disease is manifested. In a real sense, illness is a drama created by the prevailing emotional and thought patterns. When allopathic medicine treats the illness, it tends to come back or manifest somewhere else in the body because the drama program is still running. The ultimate answer is to clear the emotional and energetic baggage, and thereby terminate the drama program. Many have experienced spontaneous healing simply by working on that level.
In a balanced, “fully actualized” life, there is always room to grow and new goals to achieve. This should be sufficient stimulus for the soul so as not to induce boredom. Being bored is stressful  in itself and is a symptom of being stuck and imbalanced. A bored soul can create drama just to stir up some action. The fully actualized person will have removed blocks and barriers to the soul’s expression, so resorting to drama shouldn’t be needed. All action will take place under conscious intent and guidance, and will be aligned with the soul’s highest goals and aspirations. This is the prescription for a truly happy and prosperous life.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Guide to Intuitive Readings

Guide to Intuitive Readings: How to get the most out of your reading

In addition to her practice as a Hypnotherapist and Reiki healer, Marie also utilizes her psychic ability to conduct readings. These multiple modalities complement each other, and all support the overall goal of enabling her clients to connect with their higher selves and spirit guides to gain insight and resolve problems.

Because the term “psychic” simply means being able to sense from sources beyond the physical senses, the lines between modalities are not so distinct. Any energy practitioner is likely to utilize intuitive input in their work whether or not this is openly acknowledged. This only makes sense, because we are multi-dimensional beings. The entire concept of alternative energy healing is predicated on that.

There are some popular misconceptions regarding the practice of conducting a “psychic reading”. The traditional image of a Gypsy fortune-teller comes to mind, with scarf tied around her head and gazing into a crystal ball. I’m sure most people don’t really expect that particular scenario when they arrange for a reading, but some assumptions and expectations persist from pop culture that are not quite accurate.

Here are some things not to expect in a reading with Marie:

·        Don’t expect the reader to predict your future.

Some come to a reading expecting simple answers to questions like if and when “will I find my soul-mate” or “will I get a better job soon”. Although some readers may indulge their clients with easy answers to these questions, they often amount to little more than wild guesses. Unfortunately, the profession is tainted by a number of “wannabe” psychics of marginal talent, whose gifts lie more in the area of marketing or even exploitation than intuitive sensing. It’s fairly easy to pick up on what the client expects to hear, and then send them on their way as seemingly satisfied customers. However, the client is generally not left with any new enlightenment regarding their life path, or tools to deal with their problems.

A legitimate reader can usually pick up if a change is imminent in some life area such as job or relationship, but timeframes are difficult to pin down. Sometimes the guides will volunteer specific information and timeframe, but if they don’t, it’s usually for good reason. Many times the client needs to make specific changes or choices in order to make the desired goal a reality. This is one reason we go through life with blinders on; if we knew everything in advance, we might throw in the towel prematurely and think “game over”.

Quite another issue to consider is the fact that the future is not fixed, and we deal with multiple timelines, but that is large discussion in itself.

·        Don’t expect the reader to  tell you what you want to hear.

It’s not uncommon to encounter clients who “shop around”, engaging one psychic after another until finally hearing a version that meets their expectations. These people generally are not ready to face one or more unpleasant truths about themselves, or expect an easy fix for issues that require substantial work. This is not to cast judgment on anyone, but this type of expectation could easily cause a client to be disappointed with their reading from Marie. Those that come ready to consider new input, even if it challenges their preconceived notions, will likely not be disappointed.

Here are the core concepts that guide Marie in her work as an intuitive reader:

·        Ideally, the client is looking for insight into their spiritual nature and soul’s purpose in this life.

Although things are now shifting and changing, we have been living in a dark age when our entire civilization was built upon the premise that reality is limited to the 5 physical senses and that we are merely biological creatures living upon this planet. Sure, we’ve had religion as a resource, but steeped in dogma and intended primarily for control, it has generally not been a source of insight. This ignorance about the true nature of existence has led to much darkness and despair, as people search down futile pathways in attempting  to find answers.

The core truth to our existence is that we are spirit incarnated into flesh. Souls incarnate for a variety of purposes, and much of it has to do with experiencing various events and situations. Understanding the soul’s purpose and objectives can bring much enlightenment into understanding the problems in life.

The seeker who is motivated by a desire to truly understand their life, can benefit greatly from an intuitive reading. It’s possible to understand the forces behind events and problems in our lives. By understanding how our present reality was created, it is then feasible to consider what changes can be made or even to create a new and different reality.

·        We come into life with soul contracts with various people, and this information is very helpful in understanding relationship issues.

Clients grappling with difficult relationships or seeking a new one can benefit from looking at their soul contracts. We may find, for example, that a tempestuous marriage was actually with a “soul mate” that had significant karmic issues to balance with them. A client may wonder why they’ve had a string of unhappy relationships, and then uncovers a karmic issue or soul lesson they are trying to master. This insight can be useful toward clearing emotional baggage, and allowing for a more positive relationship to be attracted.

One concept that has helped me make sense of the insanity in life, is the realization that we are merely actors on a stage, acting out a scripted drama. The ego-driven mind, thinking this is all there is to reality, gets absorbed in the drama and takes it all much too seriously. Someday, the players will meet again in a cast party on the “other side”, and will laugh at how seriously we took our roles to be.

In my own experience, spiritual enlightenment has meant being able to lift my gaze to a higher perspective and see a much broader view of reality. Along the way, a number of psychic readings at key times were quite helpful for me.

In summary, a psychic reading can help bring clarity regarding past and present relationships, and offer clues on what might be developing in the future. Occasionally, the reader can discern a specific person coming into the client’s life, or offer advice on present dating prospects. One thing I’ve noticed is that the guides are often reluctant to spill too much detail on this type of thing, because we are expected to learn as we go and decide for ourselves what we really want. If you expect the guides to play heavenly matchmaker, disappointment could result.

·        The issues of money, job, and career are often complex, so simple answers in a reading are usually not sufficient.

It’s understandable that people would like quick answers to questions about jobs and money. Although the soul may not share the ego-mind’s attachment to material things, we still need to pay the bills in order to get through this life. Obviously, a balance between materialism and asceticism needs to be found. Keep in mind that there is nothing particularly spiritual about either wealth or poverty; money is simply one practical aspect of being human and living in this type of social structure.

There are several points to be made on the topic of money and abundance:

From the soul’s perspective, there is no such thing as lack or shortage, for it is connected directly to Source. The soul can create anything it desires, and in fact created this physical reality to incarnate in.

However, the beauty of the plan is that the soul comes into physicality with a customized set of objectives and experiences to achieve. Obstacles may be intentionally created so that the experience of overcoming them might be had. Some lives may seem relatively easy, while others are quite difficult, but this is all according to the overall theme or plan decided upon beforehand.

Another aspect to seek enlightenment on is how the soul’s life plan fits in with whatever job or career we are in. A healer might find fulfillment in the medical profession, but an artistic soul may feel confined and frustrated in a job as an accountant. Others may have soul objectives that don’t require any particular career, so their job is simply a practical matter of earning a living.

Some people have contracts to go through several phases of life that involve different careers, partners or locations. The infamous “midlife crisis” often coincides with one of those transition points. At such times, an intuitive reading can help sort out what is transpiring and which path to take.

As expounded upon elsewhere in this blog,  “Abundance” and “Success” should be more broadly defined as finding the path that leads to “Full Actualization” of the soul’s existence within this incarnation. Issues of money and material wealth are nearly always secondary to this objective. Issues that are important include clearing emotional and energetic blockages that inhibit success (I refer to this  as “Clearing Baggage”). There is nothing bad about having money, and having sufficient abundance to pay the bills is certainly a good thing. One hard lesson I had to learn was that we often create drama surrounding money on the unconscious level. One symptom of this is when the harder you strive, the further success seems to slip from your grasp. It’s possible to be addicted to this drama and not realize it, as I discovered.

In summary, the intuitive reader can help bring clarity to the issues of money, job, and career. By looking at the soul’s intended path and lessons to be learned, the task of making sense to it all is much easier. In general, it’s usually the soul’s intention to thrive and succeed at whatever pursuit it has chosen. Lack of success is most likely due to either blockages(energetic, emotional, negative beliefs and programming), or perhaps that the person is a line of work or direction in life that is incompatible with the soul’s objectives. As always, clarity and insight can help in getting on the proper path.

·        Health issues

Getting a reading is no substitute for professional medical care, and diagnosis of medical conditions by anyone other than a medical professional is strictly prohibited by the Powers-That-Be.

Having stated the required disclaimer, I will state my belief that the body operates on multiple dimensional levels, and allopathic medicine is concerned strictly with the material level, with no clue as to how things really work.

Some psychics (“medical intuitives”) are particularly talented in reading the body’s etheric field and scanning through each organ and body system to see if there are problems. Another modality, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, sometimes can pinpoint the cause of medical problems or even heal them. This is not so remarkable when you consider that the subconscious is aware of and in control of every aspect of the body’s systems. Emotional or energetic blockages are frequently at the root of any type of disease. Some intuitives can sense the energetic patterns and actually predict that disease is developing before medical doctors can detect it.

Allopathic medicine has its place, but many diseases still defy understanding as to cause and/or effective treatment. Alternative medicine, which includes naturopathic, holistic and energy-type modalities, certainly help fill the void.

In summary, don’t hesitate to bring up health concerns in a reading. Sometimes, valuable and timely information comes through. A reputable reader will always suggest seeking medical advice if it seems warranted, but then the client is always free to choose from available holistic and alternative healing modalities as an adjunct approach.

·        Mediumship and Animal Communication

Marie is gifted with the ability to see and communicate with spirits that have passed over. While she does not advertise specifically as a medium, this sort of thing often comes in during the course of the reading or even Reiki session. The reason is that our loved ones that have passed on continue to be concerned for us, so often make their presence known along with whatever guides and angels happen to check in.

Since pets are often integrated into our lives, it’s only natural that those who have passed over might choose to show up, especially  if your thoughts are tuned toward them. Pets still in the body can communicate just as well with Marie, and she sometimes does readings together with client and pet.

Pets living among us oven have much to say, and can help shed light on many things in our lives. Those pets and humans that have passed want us to know that they still exist and will always be just a thought away.

Hopefully this article proves helpful for those thinking about seeking a reading. Whether the reading is with Marie or any other reputable psychic, these principles should prove to be universal.


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What does it mean to live the fully actualized life?

Somewhere out there, there must be someone who lives a perfectly balanced life. He or she was born of loving, stable, and successful parents. Childhood was a rich experience in a totally secure environment, free of any major trauma or drama. This person went on to meet their ideal life partner relatively early in adulthood, and currently leads a happy and satisfied existence with no discernible problems.
This ideal person must exist, although I have never met anyone like that. Chances are, you haven’t either. The reality is that Earth is a tough place to incarnate, and few of us are playing our 'A' game. Up until now, our social conditioning early in life has not been exactly enlightened. We are seemingly tossed into rough seas as we enter this world and expected to swim. Given the enormous challenge, it is quite understandable that many of us flounder and misfire along the way.

It would sure help if we were handed an “owner’s manual” as we enter this world, a document that thoroughly explains the concept of human incarnation. Why are we here? What do we expect to achieve? What is our potential? What are the pitfalls? How do we overcome fear, insecurity, pain and deprivation and learn to live in love, peace and harmony?

I happen to believe that we do have great potential, and that the brutal difficulties inherent in living on Earth are simply meant to provide a challenge for the brave souls that venture forth to sail on these seas. Although we don’t get a written “owner’s manual”, the necessary insight is written in our souls. The only trick is in accessing it.
Accessing the inner insight is accomplished through many means; among these are meditation, hypnosis, and kinesthetic energy work (EFT, reflexology, accupuncture, etc.). The soul’s life script is encoded within the body, and any means of accessing the “unconscious” or subconscious mind generally works. The physical body is intimately connected to the subconscious, which is the seat of the soul. The soul is aware of all forces shaping its personal reality, and knows the cause and solution to all problems. The ego-based mind, however, can blithely operate without any awareness of the soul; this is a major source of our problems.

Many of us are beginning to awaken as we sense something stirring within. However, in my own experience, the primary obstacle to full awareness is what we loosely term “baggage”; the cumulative aftermath of traumas large and small, and resultant dysfunctional emotional patterns that we have learned throughout life. Baggage creates emotional and energetic blockages that not only inhibit spiritual awareness, but can also cause physical illness. If nothing else, it is responsible for feeling "stuck" as we remain mired in the same old repetitious patterns. Dr. George Pratt terms this the "fog of distress" that pervades daily life for many.
Subsequent installments will examine some of the various techniques and modalities that show promise in clearing the “baggage” so that the soul can shine forth, energize, and fully actualize our physical lives.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Fully Actualized Life

This begins an ambitious project for me. Over the past several years of my spiritual journey, I have sought to understand and optimize the relationship between spirit and flesh in the human incarnation. The objective is to fully actualize the potential for human life on this earth.

This is not merely another treatise on "living the abundant life", insofar as abundance is defined in strictly material terms. This philosophy is rooted solidly in the knowledge that physical life is primarily concerned with the soul choosing a mortal experience in physical bodies.

Abundance would then be more broadly defined as conditions that optimizes the soul’s experience and furthers its objectives while in physical form. Of course, physical conditions are part of the picture, within the context of the soul’s life plan. We may need to reign in the ego- mind’s tendency to focus excessively on material issues, but the spiritual path is not necessarily anti-material. In fact, most causes of physical suffering can be addressed through spiritual techniques.

There are many techniques and programs out there for self-improvement. Some are narrowly focused on single areas, such as psychological motivation, emotional problems, or material success. Many claim to be an exclusive, unique solution, despite the fact that all draw upon common principles. Some of the latter charge thousands of dollars for their supposedly unique solution.

In my own journey, I have taken on the goal of making changes in my life. I have watched or read The Secret, What the Bleep, books by Wayne Dyer, Seth(Jane Roberts), Abraham and many more. I came to the realization that everything on this topic can be distilled into a few basic truths.

I came to accept the reality that we create our own reality, as Seth puts it. I believed that we can ask for and visualize whatever we please as put forth in "The Secret" and "Ask and It Is Given". I thought I was changing my beliefs, as Seth instructed. I thought that my reality should begin changing any time now. However, despite my best efforts, it appeared that very little change was occurring in my life. Nothing I had tried was working, and I felt stuck.

My sense of urgency grew over the past two years, as "The Shift" intensified and the realization dawned that I was on the threshold of a major redirection in life path. My intuition told me that every answer was available, locked somewhere in my subconscious or higher self. I realized that my desired changes were being blocked by something. I began to ask what the blocks are and how can they be released. Insight eventually flooded in, which filled in a major missing piece of the puzzle for me.

In this series of articles, I will be elaborating on the major principles that lead to "full actualization" of one’s life, and my own journey in working with them. None of these ideas are new or earth-shattering, but my recent insight deals with how multiple angles and modalities must be considered in concert when clearing the energy blocks that inhibit success.

As mentioned earlier, abundance must be defined in terms that incorporate the essence of our existence, i.e. the soul incarnating in flesh. The energetic body, which interfaces spirit to flesh, must be actively considered and worked with. It’s important to understand that we did not come into this life merely to suffer, and suffering generally results from imbalance and suppression of the soul’s expression.

Full actualization requires the incorporation of wisdom from multiple disciplines, including psychology, neurology, and various metaphysical modalities. Some helpful techniques include EFT, Accupuncture, Reiki, Hypnosis, meditation, and any type of energy work.

In upcoming posts I will focus on each component that fits in as a piece of the overall puzzle. I'm excited about bringing all these pieces together and learning to fully actualiz the life that we are living.