Saturday, March 9, 2013

Heaven On Earth

I was recently listening Sandra Ingerman's audio CD "Miracles for the Earth", and was particularly impressed by the message in the track titled "Changing Perception - Changing Reality".

Here is an excerpt:

At one point while writing “Medicine for the Earth”, I journeyed on the issue of “Bringing Heaven to Earth”. The response of my spirits was, they said Heaven is already on Earth. It was my perception that needed to change. I was told that as we learn to change our perception, we change our reality. This sounded really nice, but  I needed more information to work with, so I asked for more.

Next I was told that in order to change my perception, I needed to learn to see the beauty in all things. Once again, that sounded really nice, but I needed more.

I was told that in order to see the beauty in all things, we must live in a state of appreciation and gratefulness.

In order to really work with the principles that I’m speaking about here, there’s some personal  work that we have to do. The most important is learning how to change our negative states of consciousness. You must feel your feelings, and then learn how to work them completely through, so you are transmuting them to an energy of love and light that is being put out into the universe.

The energy coming from your thoughts and feelings are being sent out into the environment. I’m sure you have felt the negative impact of being in a room where there’s a lot of anger or fear. The experience of this energy is tangible. We are human beings and part of being human is having an ego that feels separate from others. We experience a range of positive feelings as well as negative feelings. We have positive thoughts, beliefs and attitudes, and of course there’s negative thoughts that creep into our lives. The energy from our emotions and thoughts is energy that is really tangible.

In tribal cultures, the difference between expressing anger and sending anger is well understood. In modern culture where the energy behind thoughts and emotions is not validated, we don’t realize the pollution we create by sending so much negative energy into our world. 

I’m not saying we should not have negative emotions and thoughts. I’m not trying to make you feel guilty for being a human being. Part of being a human being is to experience the full range of feelings. We know from the cancer research that has been done, if you repress your emotions you can create illness inside of yourself.

So the solution isn't not having negative emotions and thoughts, but learning how to transmute and transform the energy coming from them into love and light. Another aspect to this is in working with the power of our words.

After one of my lectures, a Navajo woman came up to me after listening to me talk about the power of words, and asked me if I was familiar with the term "May you walk in beauty". Living in the Southwest, I told her of course. She said the term "May you walk in beauty" had to do exactly with what I was talking about - the power of words. The Navajo believe that whenever you speak to another person, it's important to empower them in beautiful words, and never to plant the seeds of fear. This is what the term means.