Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Toward Full Actualization

The theme of this blog has been learning to live in a state of "Full Actualization".

Simply stated, this means learning to access the spiritual dimension and higher-self consciousness, even while fully embracing our physical existence.

A great deal of spiritual teaching is available, much of which is helpful and somewhat convergent. Certain concepts are widely accepted, such as reincarnation and the "law of attraction".

It's easy to find teaching on how to attract wealth, or how to connect with loved ones on the other side. The problem I experienced was how to integrate it all into a broad, practical philosophy of life. Having money is great, but what if learning to attract wealth doesn't answer all the questions? What if the questions run along the lines of "Why am I here?" and "What is the purpose for all this suffering", and even "What can I do about the things in my life that I don't like?"

The "Fully Actualized Life" is based on a number of initial assumptions about how it all works, based on my experiences along the spiritual path up to this point. I have seen enough correlation with other sources to feel fairly confident that this is the gist of how things really work in the universe.

Here is a recap:

 It's All About The Soul.

The soul is a splinter off the vast, unitary consciousness that fills the universe, which we call God.

The soul incarnates in various physical environments in order to experience lessons or achieve objectives that are difficult to experience in spirit. Being human on Earth is our primary experience, which we will address here.

The primary objective of the soul is not to gain more knowledge, since it already has infinite knowledge of the Godhead at its disposal. Humans seek to rediscover knowledge as part of their experience.

The primary objective of the soul is not to become more holy or righteous, or to "earn" a higher level in the cosmos. The soul does not seek to please God, for the soul is already comprised of God.

The primary objective of the soul is not to resolve every problem and reach a state of bliss, because it originates from a state of bliss. The soul originates from a state of total love and security, but bravely sets sail on uncharted seas in an attempt to rediscover love and learn how to manifest its needs in a contrived system of fear and scarcity.

So Why Do We Suffer?

The soul does not come here merely to suffer. 

Suffering occurs primarily due to the following:

1. Failure of the ego-mind to understand the lessons at hand, and to resist them.

2. Failure of the ego-mind to understand that physical existence is merely a drama on a stage, and that there is much more to reality than what our physical senses are aware of. The ego-mind therefore buys totally into the concept of scarcity and fear as being the norm. In this state of mind, life can seem like a cold, cruel joke.

3. On occasion, the soul incarnates with specific intention to experience certain limitations, such as physical disabilities or distressed environments. Accidents or acts of violence are often "contracted" in advance according to the soul's purpose.

4. Often balancing a karmic account is a major part of the soul's purpose. Depending on the nature of the karmic contract with other souls, the experiences that are created can be difficult or challenging.

How Can We Optimize Our Experience as Humans?

1. Recognize the lessons the soul has planned for this life, and stop resisting. Often unhappy circumstances will recur over and over, because the soul seeks to provide the "stage scenery" that is necessary for a particular lesson. Accepting and completing the lesson is the fastest way to change things for the better and move on.

2. Learn to balance the major Chakra energy centers. For example, a healthy root chakra keeps us grounded to the Earth and feeling secure, while an open heart chakra is necessary to give and receive love. Learning to eliminate fear and open one's heart to love is a general lesson for any soul incarnating on Earth.

3. Realize that personal reality is created by the individual. All problems have roots that can be discovered in the energetic body or subconscious (higher self or oversoul). By accessing the subconscious, problems can be either resolved or at least understood as part of the soul's plan. This knowledge alone should help dispel fear, since it precludes the possibility of being victimized by outside forces or random events. The journey of self-discovery and self-improvement is a major theme on this blog, and is the focus of energy practitioners in general.

4. Become aware of the Shift. Our planet is graduating to a higher vibrational frequency. The process is often chaotic and challenging, but the end result will be great! The human race is evolving toward a state of golden enlightenment, such as experienced in the distant past. Even better, the veil between the physical and the spiritual is thinning. The truly Fully Actualized Human will live with one foot on the ground and one foot in Atlantis. This is something we can begin to experience now!

Lynn Savage

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