Monday, January 28, 2013

Putting the Law of Attraction to Work

The "Law of Attraction" (LOA) works. Not because of some esoteric woo-woo principle. Not due to following some specific formula laid out by a high-priced success guru. The LOA works because (1) The universe is full of raw, potential energy, and (2) because we are conscious beings that create our reality as a natural matter of course. It's quite automatic and happens daily, wherein we attract a reality that matches our predominant thoughts and emotions.

The most convincing proof that the LOA works is the fact that we are all already living in a reality  that we created and shaped. We each drew up blueprints before birth that govern the path of our life. We knew that sufficient resources would be available when needed to carry out the life plan. Without needing to know anything about the LOA, we each manifest some type of reality.

The question, as posed by most LOA teachers, is why many people are unhappy with their reality. Why do scarcity and overwhelming problems seem to be the law of the land? Why should it seem like magical thinking to suggest that abundance should be the norm?

The answer they would suggest is that the LOA can solve the majority of life's problems by attracting abundant health and wealth. Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

As I've written before, I have a major problem with the way The Secret and many other sources teach the LOA. Their premise is that suffering in life is due to forgetting the the key to abundance. Abundance is measured in dollars and degree of health. The assumption is that lack of abundance is the only thing standing in the way of happiness. This is a very ego-oriented way of seeing things.

From the soul's perspective, life is about experiencing a number of things, balancing karma, but most importantly, expressing its own unique qualities into the world. To achieve this, it tries to guide the life path along lines that provide opportunity for expression. The ego-mind may not grasp the big picture, and may clash with the soul's objectives. This clash is at the root of much suffering in life. An artistic soul will probably not find satisfactory expression as an accountant, for example, but the artist's ego might think that accounting is the only way of paying the bills.

The ultimate goal, as stated in this blog profile, is the "Fully Actualized Life". Essentially, this means living a life that fully achieves the soul's expression and exploits whatever potential for success exists in each person. With enlightenment and understanding, the ego can embrace the soul's program and enjoy life. Our natural state is actually intended to be one of joy, gratitude and contentment. This is how I would define abundance.

Of course, our civilization is structured so that money is essential for survival. Too many compromises are made in the pursuit of money, but it doesn't need to be that way. The real lie behind the "law of scarcity" belief is that we need to sacrifice our health, relationships and happiness in order to earn enough money. We sell our time like prostitutes sell their bodies and don't seem to realize what was lost along the way. The Bible says "the love of money is the root of all evil" but it's actually our embrace of the scarcity belief system that causes most of the problems.

I am in the process of working out these principles in my own life, and I will share more about this in future posts. For me, the Fully Actualized Life means trying an experiment to determine just how far the ego-mind can progress toward enlightenment of the soul's perspective. In other words, just how much of heaven can we bring down to Earth? What are the limitations? How quickly can we learn to manifest thought into physical reality? How can we transmute the awesome power of Source into love, compassion, and healing for those who are suffering?

I suspect that the "Shift" is leading us into a higher dimensional reality that incorporates my goals and more. Perhaps this is what inspires my goals. I believe that something fundamental has changed, that lifts many of the limitations on human development that were in place. The Age of Iron is over, and we can now once again be trusted to have "One foot in Atlantis".

How about you? Are you inspired and ready to move forward?

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