Sunday, December 2, 2012

Closing In On The Solstice 2012

The Galactic Center
As this is written, we are at 18 days and counting until the much-anticipated 2012 winter solstice. (The countdown widget on the Earth & Water website is based on universal time, whereas midnight is 6:00 PM CST on the day before).

So much has been written and spread about on the topic of 2012 and the Mayan calendar, that I will limit my comments to a few relevant points.

First, there is no rational reason to expect doom and catastrophe on December 21. Much speculation has centered on the supposed alignment between Earth, the sun and the galactic center. While one can't rule out energetic phenomena of metaphysical nature, it's a fact that astronomically this alignment occurs every year at this time. Due to the gradual precession of the Earth, the date on which this alignment occurs slowly changes in sync with the astrological age. Thus it takes 25,600 years to complete a cycle, during which time the alignment with galactic center moves throughout the calendar and seasons. 12,000 years ago it occurred on the summer solstice, and the Milky Way would have been most visible in mid-winter instead of mid-summer as the case now.

The mystical meaning of galactic alignment on the winter solstice appears to relate to a marker in time for the "cycle of the ages". As the age of Pieces gives way to Aquarius, a moment in time is heralded that was foreseen by mystics and prophets over the past several millennia. This was generally seen as beginning of a new Golden Age.

Mythology and mystical tradition holds that the galactic center is the source of our life-force and perhaps our origin, and physicist Paul LaViolette speculates that periodic energetic outbursts from the galactic core have greatly affected life on Earth in the past. Thus there is reason to connote meaning to the alignment on the solstice, but don't be misled by the bogus pseudo-scientific claims being bantered about; the closest actual alignment is off by 6.5 degrees (equal to 13 diameters of the moon). Even if there were gravitational or other energetic effects of this near-alignment, it would have taken place every year for quite a while. The apparent movement of the stars is very slow and gradual across the sky.

On the mystical side of things, we have heard of Earth moving into a "photon belt", and how stars and black holes are supposedly beginning to radiate a different frequency of energy. There is real substance to the astronomical fact that the Solar System is moving into an area of increased dust, which could affect the sun and climate on Earth. It's difficult to pin down the likelihood of anything specific affecting us, but I'd be willing to bet that nothing drastic is going to change on December 21. The mystics may be correct as far as reality changing, but there are many versions and interpretations to sift through.

Ascension and "The Shift" definitely appear to be real, but not particularly tied to a date in 2012 - they have been happening and underway for several years now. Dolores Cannon has written extensively about The New Earth, and how the entire planet is supposed to be "graduating" to a higher dimensional frequency. (Check out her YouTube videos). Just how this plays out is still anyone's guess, but I am absolutely convinced that something is happening.

My personal take on the solstice: This is a great time for contemplation and reflection. Those who are sensitive and intuitive can sense a great deal of change underway. In some cases it has seemed chaotic and even painful at times. At this moment the change appears to be accelerating. Something new lies on the path ahead. This is an adventure that many souls have longed to experience and have gathered here in the flesh for this event. According to Dolores' discoveries, many discarnate beings and ETs have assembled here, and there is a buzz throughout the galaxy.

December 21 will likely be a day like any other, but I suspect that 2013 will mark a new phase in the ascension process. We may begin to see the outlines of the New Earth in whatever way that takes shape. I suspect it will be gradual and subtle and not perceived by all, but for those with eyes for it, this should be a marvelous time to be alive.

Lynn Savage

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